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  Zenfolio Review 2022
Zenfolio photography websites make it easy for photographers to showcase your business, attract new customers, and sell your photos and services online. So if you are a photographer, then you must read out this article about this excellent website because we are going to cover some unique features with coupons, like zenfolio coupons and zenfolio promo code.

What is zenfolio?

For a flourishing work in photography, a photographer must have a marvelous platform to not only be perfect at taking photos but also to showcase his work. Fortunately, thanks to website builders like Zenfolio, photographers can easily create stunning photo websites, even without any coding knowledge (HTML).


This all-in-one photo platform, which helps photographers (amateurs and professionals) organize, display, and sell their photos to the world, has become the brain of four friends. Zenfolio is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, and is the General Manager of Arnaud Zenfolio. To make art accessible to everyone, Inc. is a small part of the brand family. For some time, Zenfolio has proven to be much more than a photo hosting website service, as it helps you connect with other highly skilled photographers and develop your professional network. It managed to stay on its own against fierce competition from other portfolios website manufacturers such as Carbon made, Photo Shelter, and Square space.

How Zenfolio Web Builder works?

Zenfolio website builder is a photo portfolio site builder that allows photographers to create stunning websites so they can view, share, and manage communication with existing customers. Aside from that, users can use an e-commerce function that allows them to create online stores to sell their work.   Launched in 2006, Zenfolio is currently used by more than 100,000 photographers on the planet and is preferred for its accessibility. In this regard, it is only necessary to register on the platform and continue to create stunning websites with simple clicks and maneuvers. However, below is a detailed estimate of the users availability and costs and zenfolio prices and zenfolio plans too.

Zen Folio is easy to use:

As mentioned earlier, signing up for Zenfolio is exceptionally simple. However, this tool is still weak in terms of usability. Although this web creation tool is comprehensive and has excellent functionality, it is not clear how it can take advantage of these unique capabilities. After signing up, an email is received with three simple steps to help with recruitment.

However, despite the general goodwill and effort, the instructions are basic and offer nothing concrete to work with. For more information about working with the builder, users can take a lesson with a "Zen master." However, it is worth noting that this step has exceeded its purpose for a medium that offers a lot of support with its built-in features and great templates. Therefore, given the issues highlighted above, this web builders onboarding method is wanting.

Zenfolio Offers

Photographers can use Zenfolio for free during the 14-day trial period. Better still, it is not necessary to use any credit card information to access this information. For two weeks, you can access all the features provided by the platform, try various customization options, and work with multiple zenfolio templates. After that, if happy, the user can upgrade to any of the paid plans offered. And they can use zenfolio coupon code, zenfolio coupons, zenfolio discount ocde and zenfolio promo code.

Zenfolio Pricing:

Zenfolio pricing is quite competitive against the fees of other web manufacturers. This is particularly the case when analyzing the tons of features they have completed with various plans. Pro ($ 10 per month) offers a range of great functionalities, including mid plans, marketing, watermarks, and payment transactions. The Advanced Plan ($ 15 per month) comes with even more features.

Finally, there is also a $ 5 Starter plan per month. Photographers who are following an uncomplicated portfolio site or more real customization should think another maker. If the features that distinguish Zenfolio from others are not needed, there is no point in overpaying.

Some Important points about them:

Secure website set up: One extraordinary thing about Zenfolio is the fact that anyone can use it in just a few minutes to build a fantastic website - no prior experience needed. After choosing a plan and creating your account, the builder will recommend a template depending on the type of photo you made.

Unlimited storage: Unlike most websites that offer limited space for users to store and view their shots, Zenfolio offers its users unlimited workspace right from the basic plan. You can upload as many photos and videos as you want with the $ 5 monthly plan.

Competitive prices: Zenfolio imposes an affordable fee for the qualities it offers. Of the three pricing options, Advanced is on top and only two dollars a month. With all the features of the private phone and live chat, online customer pre-order, multi-user account access, among others, the option to set order minimums, among other plans. With Zenfolio, you get better value than regular website builders.

Auto optimization for mobile devices: While most people access the Internet on their phones, it is safe to say that mobile optimization is crucial for any website owner. Zenfolio websites are automatically optimized for usage on mobile devices. Zenfolio also helps users access many free Android, Blackberry, and iPhone apps that they can use in photo management.

Free 14-day trial & joy guarantee: You can sign up for fourteen days of free Zenfolio trial to see how it works before completing. Also, if you choose a pricing plan and are not happy with this website developer for any reason, you can revoke your subscription within 30 days and ask for a full refund.

Zenfolio Customer Support:

You get regular help from the Zenfolio team 365 days a year. You can present your questions or information requests on the Zenfolio Contact Us page. You can expect to get a response for any of your email inquiries within moments. However, before presenting your queries, you can check if the answers are already available in the Zenfolio support center.

You can also access several online training videos, user forums, and more. It is essential to avoid contacting customer support teams for inquiries about individual photographers or their galleries. For such questions, the contact information of the photographer, which you can contact directly, is provided.

Final Decision:

The above review of the Zenfolio photo website builder is to honestly address the benefits you will get while using this tool. It is a good option if you are a novice photographer or photo blogger who wants to start with a basic subscription plan that is not too costly. However, due to the complex user interface and some limitations in terms of high levels of customization for pages, you may not choose this tool as a photo job.

Again, many things depend on the nature and purpose of your use. We hope the above information will help you decide whether Zenfolio is a suitable website builder for your photo-based website needs!

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