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Yes Wellness Review 2022

Yeswellness is an excellent Canadian online company for high-quality nutrition, fitness, health, and beauty products.

So lets get to review

Yeswellness is devoted to fully maintaining your healthy lifestyle with their high-quality medicine. YesWellness help cover your journey to wellness by presenting you with trusted brands, strong health knowledge, and a strong fellowship that supports and helps one another to become the best story of themselves. With their wide variety of products, a highly-trained customer service crew, and fast shipping, they make healthy living comfortable and stress-free.

What they Claim:

As we know, wellness and nutrition are growing a growing business among North Americans. Many people are trying to take the right steps to maintain or improve their health; however, without the right resources, this can be challenging. So companies like yes wellness recognize the value of these steps and know how terrifying it can be to pick the right products at the correct costs.

YesWellnesss ultimate purpose is to enable you to obtain your health goals. They do this by giving education, community support, and innovative products at reasonable prices. Whether you're looking for health products for your kids, your parents, or yourself, be positive that you'll find precisely what you're hunting for at

Their team management:

YesWellness team is included in energetic individuals who firmly believe in building and adopting a healthy and happy lifestyle. YesWellness is a hard-working, health-conscious, engaged, and vibrant community with a shared concept of enhancing the health and satisfaction of Canadians. Their day-to-day approach is fueled by the reality that they are creating a permanent impact on the lives of women, men, and children all over the homeland.

YesWellness are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and they love catching back from you about your purchasing experience. YesWellness welcomes everyone to join their society of #YesWellnessWarriors and cant wait for everyone to begin their journey to wellness with them! They also provide YesWellness coupon code, YesWellness promo codes, and YesWellness discount code for a further discount on their products.

Terms and Conditions:

YesWellness wants to guarantee the most natural, most pleasant, secure shopping experience every time someone visits their website. By visiting this website, we accept to the terms and conditions mentioned on their website, legal notices, and privacy policy and all disclaimers that look elsewhere on the Website.

YesWellness keeps the right to make adjustments to the Website and its Terms and Conditions and Legal Notices. If you are unhappy with the Website or feel that they are not living by stated rules, you can email them with your concerns.


  • What does sell? provides a broad spectrum of health and wellness essentials, including products for sports nutrition, beauty supplements, and skincare, fitness, green living, food, babies, pets, and kids, and much more to your amazed

  • Where are located? is located in British Columbia, Canada. And they do not have any other store.

  • Do have a retail store?
Yes. You can visit storefront at 12565 88 Ave Suite 106, Surrey, BC, Canada, V3W 3J7. retail store hours are Monday - Friday between Ten am - Six pm (PST). Holiday Hours:

  1. Christmas Eve, Dec 24th, Eight am - Two pm.
  2. Christmas Day, Dec 25th CLOSED
  3. Boxing Day, Dec 26th, Eight am - Two pm.
  4. Friday, Dec 27th, Seven am - One pm
  5. New Years Eve, Dec 31st, Eight am - Four pm.
  6. New Years Day, Jan 1st CLOSED.
  • If you have a question, how can to contact their customer support team?
To talk to a member of the customer support team direct, you can call to toll-free number at 1-(855)-936-0832 from Monday to Friday; Eight am - Four pm PST. Alternatively, you can contact them through form also. Holiday Hours:

  1. Christmas Eve, Dec 24th Eight am - one pm
  2. Christmas Day, Dec 25th CLOSED
  3. Boxing Day, Dec 26th Eight am - Two pm
  4. New Years Eve, Dec 31st Eight - Four pm (regular hours)
  5. New Years Day, Jan 1st CLOSED.
  • Where can we find tips for healthy living and general wellness? also has a blog that is the place to go for studies on current topics in health, wellness, fitness, and beauty. You will find delicious recipes, the most advanced updates on innovative products, and tips to enhance your wellbeing.

  • How can we stay up to date with YesWellnesss latest advertisings, offers, and events?
We can get connected with YesWellness through social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. YesWellness community is packed with lots of motivating people and daily wellness tips. For a discount, you can visit our website YesWellness coupon code, YesWellness promo codes, and YesWellness discount code.

  • How to order?
YesWellness only takes order from their main website and phone, and they accept Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and American Express as valid forms of payment only.

  • What is the sales tax on products?
The sales tax rates appropriate to products are based on your area or territory's GST or HST price. will calculate your sales tax based on the shipping address that you enter during checkout. Remember, YesWellness coupon code, YesWellness promo codes, and YesWellness discount code are only for their products excluded tax.

  • How to find out the status given order?
As soon as your order is set, you will be mailed a confirmation email that covers your invoice and order specifications. Once your order has been dispatched, you will get a second email with your tracking number. A final email will be mailed to you YesWellness know that the dispatcher has successfully delivered your package.

  • How to order over the phone rather than online?
YesWellness customer support team is ready to help you every step of the way! Just call to toll-free at 1-(855)-936-0832 while regular business hours (Monday - Friday, Eight a.m. - Four p.m. PST). Let their customer support agents know what you would like to buy and fulfill the order for you. You will need to have your billing, shipping, and credit card information nearby.

  • How to cancel the order?
If you need to change or withdraw an order, please make sure that you let them know as soon as likely by calling 1-(855)-936-0832 or contact them through a form. Unluckily, if an order has then been shipped out, YesWellness will not be able to make order changes or cancellations for you.

  • How to stock up on a product. Is there a discount if we purchase it in bulk? tries to provide you with an excellent price on high-quality health supplements. offers a range pricing system if you are looking to buy multiple quantities of the same item. Please contact customer support agents at the toll-free number,1-(855)-936-0832, for more information about tier pricing.

  • The product is temporarily out of stock. What do now?
If YesWellness is out of stock of a product, some products may have the possibility to pre-order. Please note that this is not a choice for every item, and YesWellness stocking date calculations may not be entirely accurate.

  • If we want to buy a product that is not on the YesWellness website, can we request for stocking it?
YesWellness is always looking to increase the number of products and brands that they offer, so if there's something we are looking for, it can be listed on their website, but we need to contact them.  

Final Thoughts:

Most of the products YesWellness offer does not belong to then; it is like an ECommerce store for health products. But they do offer a wide range of excellent products. And some of them are even hard to afford, But they are providing these products at a reasonable price. So we think if you are from Canada, you should give it a try.  

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