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Upad is the UK’s largest online letting agent. It is rapidly growing and disrupting the conventional high street letting agent model. They has serviced more then 10,000 landlords. Upad is becoming popular for allowing Landlords to advertised their property on Zoopla and Rightmove. They charge the fractional cost. In addition, the customer service landlords most love. They offer Upad coupons, promo codes and discount deals for additional savings.

Upad Coupons

They provide ARLA qualified account managers to all landlords. In this way the landlord can rest assured, Upad will handle all the tenant enquirers, referencing, deposit, rent collection and contracts. Once a landlord uses Upad in 50% of cases they repeat purchase and refer 1.2 of a new customer due to great customer satisfaction.

Upad the leading online letting agent in the UK, Also we offer value for money but are not the cheapest in the market. To get extra cash benefit, always get Upad coupon and promotion codes to apply at checkout. Upad Uk coupons and discount vouchers are best in market.

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Upad Promo Codes


Honest Review About Upad

 There can be multiple reasons for you to rent your house like moving to a new place (whatever the reason is), making some extra money when you have a spare house, or could not find a suitable price for selling your home. But there will be a time when it seems impossible to find a good tenant. When especially you have heard horror stories about tenants, plus with about all the paperwork you need to do, etc. These points will make you think back to your choice. But It’s not that bad to have some extra cash in your bank. Well, keep reading this article; it will help you to make your mind.There are multiple points you need to consider before renting your house.
  1. Find the rent of properties in your area and are those equivalent to your house are not.
  2. If you are planning to use letting agent for your house (find their rates).
  3. Is it worth it financially before you choose to rent out your house? I mean after paying tax and all the other stuff.
  4. You must have insurance, and if you have, you need to check with them before renting your place.
These are some points, and we haven’t disclosed the paperwork you have to go through if you want to rent your house. Don’t worry; we are not discouraging you from some extra income; we want you to be at a safe place when renting your home. With the enhancement in technology, there are many websites offering services like the role of the letting agent. They do all the work, and you sit back and enjoy the extra income with little fee cut from your profit. Upad is one of those networks, And we are going to walk you through its services while reviewing it. If you think it’s expensive to try Upad discount code, Upad Promo Code, and update Upad coupon code on our website. Nearly every tenants aren’t presently considering to purchase their own homes, precisely nine out of ten tenants; it is the finding of survey conduct by online letting agent Upad. According to the statistics given by Upad letting agents, 87% of respondents said that they were not intended to buy a home, while  13% are determined that they have no wish ever to own their own homes.This survey also points out the growing number of long-term renters, with only 40% of tenants are now having rented the same place for over four years, whereas more than one in five tenants have recently owned a property.Well, not everyone thinks like us, so don’t remember who will rent my house, one off the Best quality of Upad that they will find a suitable person for your Property. Observing the reasons why people rent, Upad found in their survey that 24% of tenants couldn’t manage to pay for a mortgage, even if they desired to buy a home. Whereas for 26% of tenants, renting fits the work or education situation. An additional 13% of tenants rent due to personal situations, such as a relationship failure or moved to a new city for a short time, whereas 11% of Tenants rent a house to know the area before buying their home. 

History Of Upad:

  • Upad was started by James Davis, who is also a landlord.
  • Upad started in 2007, and from that time, it has matured into the UK’s largest online lettings agency. Only due to offering a more straightforward, more cost-effective way to find tenants and let a property.
  • They are equally popular between landlords who usually used high rates letting agents for finding tenants.
  • And also those people who used classified channels (both Landlord/Tenants).
  • So far, Upad helped rent over 10,000 properties, which are the statistics of last year.
  • Upad is cheap because they offer their services national, not locally, plus they provide their Upad Promo code and Upad voucher code for first-time use.
  • Nationally service allows them to offer cost savings through economies of scale.
  • They have excellent client support for their Tenants and landlord over the phone 24/7
  • while the tools and know-how offer can be accessed online at any time of the day or night.

Some Services Offer By Upad:

  • Advertising your Property:

Once they create a property ad, there is some visit done for checking the Property, for making sure it’s as good as it can be. Then they make sure that Ad displayed on all the leading UK lettings websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and others.
  • Answering inquiries

Advert replies come into your Upad dashboard. Where you’ll have everything, you need to liaise directly with the prospective tenants, organize a viewing and show them around the Property. 
  • Referencing tenants

Once you’ve carefully chosen your tenants, Upad handles referencing them. They will check their credit history, confirm they can manage to pay for the rent, and seek references from others (if required).
  • Setting up the tenancy

Following tenant referencing Upad draft and verify your ARLA Propertymark-approved tenancy agreement and get it signed electronically.
  • Securing the deposit

When contracts are signed, Upad will collect and, as required by law, register your tenant’s deposit with a government-approved scheme.
  • Collecting rent

Upad collects the first month’s rent and transfers it to you. A standing order will also be set up, so your rent gets paid on time every month.
  • Keeping legally compliant

The Prescribed Information, How to Rent Guide and legally required Certificates, will be combined into a single document and provided your tenants bu Upad on your behalf.
  • Putting your feet up

Peace of mind is knowing your tenants have been provided with everything they need, and you have all the legal requirements covered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I Get Upad Discount as an RLA / NLA Member?
Yes, NLA and RLA members collect a £20 discount on all property advertisements. Make sure you enter the code if you are purchasing online, or supply your membership number to your Account Manager if you are purchasing over the phone. Plus, you can also get a discount by using  Upad coupon codes and Upad discount code.
  • Can I Use My NLA / RLA Discount After I’ve Paid?
No, NLA offers the discount, and it cannot be applied retrospectively. You can use it for all subsequent advertisements, enter the code given to you by the NLA or call the office and supply your NLA Membership number and we can manually add this discount to your account.
  • Can I Use More Than One Agent to Advertise my Property?
Yes, you can. Just consider that it may be confusing for those searching online if they see the same Property advertised multiple times. Please make sure you also check the terms and conditions in your agency contract in case they don’t allow you to advertise with various agents.
  • Can Letting Agents Use Upad?
Unfortunately, Upad cannot advertise on behalf of letting agents, only landlords, as this would go against Upad terms and conditions with Rightmove.
  • How Long Has Upad Been Around?
James Davis started Upad in 2008. Since then, Upad has helped over 10,000 landlords find tenants for their Property.
  • How is Upad Different from a Traditional Letting Agent?
Landlords switching from a high street agent usually save £1000’s in tenancy set up fees, monthly commission, and renewal fees. With Upad, you are in complete control of letting your property and rather than offer an inflexible and expensive package, you pick and choose what services you need from Upad. You will have full support from a personal Account Manager throughout the process, as well as any other additional support you may need from Upad ARLA qualified team available from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • How is Upad Different from Other Online Letting Agents?
For six years, Upad has been solely focussed on building the best possible solution for landlords. Upad gives you complete control over your letting experience while being there for any support or questions you may have. You will have a designated Account Manager, as well as any of ARLA, qualified teams to refer to 7 days a week. An online dashboard allows you to do everything you need to facilitate a speedy let.
  • Why is Upad Better Than Using Classified Ads?
Using Upad means your Property gets maximum exposure allowing you to let your Property faster and giving you more choice of prospective tenants. They advertise on every significant property website including Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation as well as locally relevant sites. It will dramatically increase the number of tenant inquiries you receive for your Property.
  • Does Upad Work?
By advertising through Upad, you are giving yourself the best chance of finding the perfect tenant for you and your Property. Upad does the same as an agent would do but at a fraction of the cost: putting your Property on the largest lettings portals where they know tenants go to look for their next rental. Because you, not the agent, get to choose your tenant, you will also be starting a professional relationship from day one. It’s no surprise that independent research in 2014 showed Upad landlords have 45% fewer arrears compared to the UK average.
Upad started in 2007 and has flourished into the UK’s largest online lettings agency. They offering a simpler, more cost-effective way to find tenants and let a property. This has proved equally popular among landlords. Previously landlords used a high street letting agent to find tenants as well as those who used classified channels. Last year, we helped rent over 10,000 properties.We work differently because instead of being a local lettings agency, they offer a national service that enables them to offer cost savings through economies of scale. They also provide expert support to their landlords over the phone seven days a week, while the tools and know-how we offer can be accessed online any time of the day or night.We prefer to let our customers do the talking though.