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58% Off with a 2-Year TunnelBear plan !

Save 58% with a 2-Year TunnelBear plan

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Save 50% with an annual TunnelBear plan

Unlimited TunnelBear plan for only $9.99/month !

Get an unlimited TunnelBear plan for only $9.99/month

Exclusive Savings on a 2-Year TunnelBear plan !

Exclusive Savings on a 2-Year TunnelBear plan

Get 2 year TunnelBear plan for just $99.99!

Get a 2 year TunnelBear plan for just $99.99!

Unlimited TunnelBear plan for only $59.88/year !

Get an unlimited TunnelBear plan for only $59.88/year

Exclusive Savings on a 2-Year TunnelBear plan !

Exclusive Savings on a 2-Year TunnelBear plan

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TunnelBear Promo Codes


TunnelBear Promo Code & What Is VPN In A Nutshell?

A VPN is used to change your current IP (Internet Protocol) address temporarily, and by doing so, you can with no trouble access all the sites, apps, and services that are blocked in your region. So, if you are living in a country where you believe you cannot explore different parts of the Internet, then not to worry, this VPN will get you access to almost every website and features possible, plus we have TunnelBear promo codes and coupons that you can put to use immediately.

We are well aware of what internet is, and its primary motive, which is to connect people, but in the world today, several companies related to mass media give rise to location-based barricades that one cannot break. This phenomenon, known as geo-blocking, is put to use when one organization in a country does not want their apps, services, or sites to be accessed by people outside the boundaries decided by them.

For example, features like Pandora, Google voice, Google Music are not accessible if you live somewhere outside the borderline of the USA. Similarly, YouTube also blocks several regions from accessing the content of various countries (Especially Music).

People in the different areas of the world find this isolating, and therefore, to pierce through this barrier, they use a virtual private network (VPN) like TunnelBear. Moreover, the good news is, it is entirely legal, which simply means you are not messing with any regulations. However, if you use a VPN for unlawful actions, then you will find trouble knocking your door at any time.

Benefits Of The Easily Operable TunnelBear VPN App & Free Coupons

The TunnelBear gives access to several countries, and you don’t need any extra plugins or actions because, in TunnelBear, everything is just a tap away. You can gain access to almost all the websites, but there are a few limits one cannot cross; for example, you get five hundred megabytes of data every month in the standard plan, which is not even close to the word sufficient.

If you use any TunnelBear coupon or promo codes, you will be able to get a lot of features for quite a little value. Moreover, if you go with the basic plan, you can always get one extra gigabyte of the internet to use if you share about TunnelBear on twitter. A few of the advantages of using this app include:

  • Lag-free Browsing
There are several apps out there that mask an IP address, but people sacrifice speed for surfing purposes. In TunnelBear there is no lag in website loading or buffering of videos, but if you like watching seasons or movies, then 500 + 1000 Mb’s are not enough, believe me, they will be over before you know it, which is why you should go for the coupon and promo codes we have.

Now there is one way to utilize these Mbs; you can buffer videos in low resolution, and I know you will never go for this option because nobody does. Everyone wants to enjoy the videos in full resolution because more than 70% percent game is of graphics only.

  • Vigilant Mode
Well, you will not be disappointed with this option for sure! This particular model allows you to stay connected with the virtual private network even if the connection is interrupted. The VPN will connect as soon as your connectivity stabilizes and won’t leave you hanging in the middle of a video buffer.

The primary purpose of this feature is to keep your data safe, especially when you switch between the internet connections. So, meanwhile, the app is reconnecting and adjusting according to the new connection settings; it will not let your device disclose your location to other sites or apps. This feature is not available for IOS devices but will be developed. For now, it is accessible through macOS, android, and windows.

  • No Logging
The one thing that worries people the most! According to the privacy policy of TunnelBear VPN, they do not log any activity of its users. None of us wants anyone to intrude on our personal life and learn about what we do.

It adds more to the reason why one should download this captivating application and use promo codes and coupons for an extra discount! Wait, there’s more! It is a lightweight app that will not affect a large proportion of your devices random access memory. Wondering, that’s it? Well, if you don’t know which country will have the best connection then, you can let the app decide it for you!

  • Easy To Connect
We all get annoyed when an app keeps on reconnecting; without a doubt, it can make people super ferocious, especially if they have anger management issues. Connecting this app is as easy as pie, and you won’t need to reconnect it time after time; the app blocks all the insecure traffic and stays connected to the internet, allowing you to enjoy your favorite serial. So what are you waiting for? Download the app, use the promo code and coupons we provide, and you are all set!

TunnelBear Promo Codes 2022

Stop, look no further, you have reached the right site! You will get all the TunnelBear discount offers and promo codes right here on this page. We have learned about the services of this dominant application, and one shouldn’t be indecisive about downloading it. The plan offered by the service itself is quite affordable and can fit into anyone’s budget.

There were several recurring upgraded plans in the past few months, and this VPN service offered a discount of more than 40% to new users, which has now transformed to nearly sixty percent. Your internet connection, without a doubt, needs the best private network to mask your IP address! If you think the benefits and the usefulness of this impeccable application end here, then it’s a big NO! Have you ever wondered how people acquire location information just from an IP address? At the present time, people are afraid of visiting sites that can pose a threat to their privacy and abandon them no matter how beneficial those sites can be. With a VPN, you will remain anonymous, and a different location will be shared by the website, thus keeping your position in the safe zone.

Looking For TunnelBear Discount Deals? Let Your Search End Here!

People who are working online search for the best VPN on the internet, so they can work for different firms established online. It enables them to gain access to sites, which are not reachable in their country and allows freelancers to work in their area of expertise.

If you want to give it a try, then feel free to download this software from the Google play store installed on your android device. You will be able to use 500 Mb’s right after you sign-up; your satisfaction is guaranteed, and there is not even a shred of doubt that you won’t like this app. We have various discount deals running at the moment, waiting for you to select one of them; if your experience exceeds your expectations, then you know where to look for the promo codes and discount vouchers for TunnelBear VPN.

Tips & Tricks For Using TunnelBear!

After learning this much about this incredible app, I know you are thinking what’s coming next. Well, there are a few things you can do to while using this VPN in premium mode:

  • When you download the app, you can simultaneously use one email address on five different devices. Sharing is caring; we all know that, so if there are people around you who need access to a virtual private network, then maybe you can offer them something, after all, you have a great running coupon code for a big discount!

  • You can create a team account, but the price plans are different for a company account, but with the help of our promo codes and discount offer, we are sure the price will go easy on your pocket.

  • If most of your online work requires you to use VPN frequently, then maybe you should give the unlimited yearly plan a look. You can save almost 50% this way!

How To Apply TunnelBear Promo Code & Coupons?

Well, if you haven’t downloaded the app on your phone already then, it’s time to get it done. Once you have selected the discount coupon of your choice on our site, copy it, and in the purchase membership section of the app, you will find a field to paste it. When applied, you will see the price fall, thus fitting in your budget. After which you can enter your contact details to add an extra layer of security to your account.

If you are seeking other ways to get an additional discount, then now is the right time because, in the 2022 plan, TunnelBear has reduced the price of its premium services up to 70%. You won’t be able to get a better deal in the whole year; however, other discount coupons will still be available on our website. You can subscribe to our newsletters to keep yourself updated about the upcoming discounts.  

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