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TSOHost Coupon 2022

With 14 years of providing UK-based web hosting services and domains. Tsohost has been providing high class, feature packed web hosting services to the UK, and abroad, since 2003.

Brief Introduction:

TSOHost is a UK based hosting firm that is a part of the Paragon Internet Group, which owns various other hosting corporations too. Founded in 2003, they have lots of knowledge and have been able to keep up with the growing technologies in the tsohost web hosting. They are a mid-sized hosting firm, with about 150,000 sites on their servers. Tsohost resided in Maidenhead. It prides itself on basing all staff close to its servers and has more than a decade’s skill in the industry.

They have an extensive variety of hosting packages to choose from covering shared, VPS, dedicated and a custom cloud hosting service they call ‘complex hosting.’ Each of the individual choices will enable you to choose the right set of specialties for your specific site needs. They don’t give any unlimited plans, but the resources at each price point are going to be more than adequate for most standard websites They present consistently low prices and industry renowned customer tsohost support.

That's what separates them from their competition, and has been a contributing factor to their company's success and organic increase over the past nine years.   As Tsohost offers a broad range of online services including cloud-based shared hosting, low-cost domains, tsohost SSL certificates, optimized virtual servers and fully managed dedicated servers, tailored to your needs. Tsohost claim to be a tribe of more than 250,000 buyers.

As they aver to know hosting back to front. With TsoHost, you can handpick your domain name from thousands of likelihood. In enhancement to familiar .coms, .orgs and .co.uks, you can pick from 500 varied extensions like .me, .london, .uk and even .ninja. Purchase either tsohost WordPress, tsohost cpanel or cloud web hosting and a domain together.

The tsohost domain comes free that’s right, entirely gratis, courtesy. TsoHost is compiled on a nitty-gritty of three principles. They call it the Tso Trilogy. AS mention on their website

  1. We know hosting back to front
After more than a decade, we’ve evolved to recognize hosting back to front, inside out, and upside down. Our passion weighs up in our brand name. It’s a palindrome that reads the same way backwards as it does forwards.

  1. Built for performance
The tsoHost environment twirls around excellent customer service. Our support center operates by people-people. Plus, our teams go through hard training to ensure they’re the top guns of the hosting service industry.

  1. We keep things simple
  • Sentences, concise.
  • Slang busted.
These three key hat trick states indicate that no matter what you chose, they stand by their words on these three points. Well, we are going to review them and their claims. So it will be easier for you to choose the perfect hosting. Keep in mind we also provide tsohost coupon on our website. Tsohost may not be one of the greatest or reputable hosting providers out there. However, steady growth and stationary leadership point to a company that knows what it’s doing.

So before heading toward the review let look what the offer; Tsohost Hosting Plans There’s a variation of plans to prefer from, but there are only small differences between them, making it a bit complicated. The full list of 6 plans on offer is as follows:

  • cPanel Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • CMS Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

cPanel Shared Hosting:

On Tsohost, “cPanel hosting” is identical to your regular shared hosting plans on every other host. The plans are quite cheap, notably if you buy for a longer initial term. All of these plans come with a free domain name, “unlimited” bandwidth, and the ability to build multiple mailboxes. There are a few characteristics that tsohost help it stand out from the simple least shared hosting that you may find elsewhere:

  • Free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt
  • Free daily site backups
  • A limited number of free website migrations by their migration team.
  • Migrations(tsohost domain transfer) and cPanel
Note that you can do your migrations for free as well through cPanel, it’s just more of a hassle than having their team do it for you. The cPanel is a regular control panel that many hosts give for shared hosting. It has one-click install scripts for the most popular open-source software like WordPress, Joomla, and more. Still expensive use tsohost discount codes for discount.  

Cloud Web Hosting

The Plan they offer is cloud web hosting. It provides everything that Tsohost’s cPanel hosting plans do, plus more. For some reason, the prices are alike. The most distinct differences are:
  • Custom control panel — you use Tsohost’s control panel, rather than cPanel.
  • Choice of an operating system — you can use Linux or Windows
Hosted on cloud servers. As your files are collected on multiple servers, decreasing the chances of your site becoming slow or going down. Depending upon how vital cPanel is to you, cloud web hosting may be the high-grade option.  

Reseller Hosting

If you ever want to start your own hosting company in the future, you could sell Tsohost’s services through your brand name using tsohost reseller hosting. They take care of customer service and server support. You only need to choose how much to impose and how to split up the resources that come with your reseller hosting package.  

CMS (Content Management System) Specific Hosting On Tsohost’s website, you’ll see varied types of hosting for various CMSs. Ordinarily, these are more costly than the standard shared or cloud plans, because the servers and services customized for that particular CMS. Here’s a quick summary of what makes each stands out, I’ll believe that you’re already familiar with the CMS since you are engaged in it:

  • WordPress hosting – Equal to cloud hosting plans, just with WordPress already installed.
  • Magento hosting – Magento plans are all fully managed and come with multiple migrations. Your site files hosted on Tsohost’s primary UK datacenter.
  • Joomla hosting – Multiple migrations, but similar features to the shared hosting plan (but still more costly).
  • PrestaShop hosting – Multiple immigration, but nothing else unusual.
  • Ghost hosting – Only one plan available, where Ghost comes pre-installed. No other special points.
What stands them out? There isn’t much variety from Tsohost’s shared hosting plans in most cases. The most significant difference is that the top tier plans for Magento, Joomla, and PrestaShop are all dedicated hosting. That means your site gets its server, and that’s why the plans are so much more expensive than the rest. Tsohost coupon code can also use for a discount on purchasing.

VPS Hosting

If you weren't looking hard, you'd miss that Tsohost even has VPS plans. For some idea, they not found under Tsohosts "web hosting" menu option; the plans are placed under "servers." On a VPS, you have your part of a server created out for your website(s). These plans are all fully equipped, meaning Tsohost will take care of server protection and support for you.

Performance Breakdown

  • They come with a few other extraordinary advantages:
  • SSD disk space – Results in a high-speed website than HDDs that come on Tsohosts shared hosting plans.
  • Redis and high-level caching techniques – These will speed up your site further.
  • Choice of an operating system – Again, you can pick among Linux and Windows.
  • You get a lot more authority over the server, with SSH access, and ability to use Git.
  • All plans also come with a cPanel control panel.
Dedicated Server Hosting For the extraordinary attainable performance, there are dedicated hosting plans open, also a bit hidden under the “servers” menu option. The plans all come with the same features as the VPS plans, except that you have access to the full resources of the server, and not just a part.

TSOHost Review:

Last Autumn, we signed up for their tsohost cloud hosting plan and had been closely observing performance statistics like uptime and page load speeds ever since. Our goal is to collect a fair, fair review and let Tsohost’s data speak for itself based on the analysis of our live test website. Let’s see how Tsohost has done over the last few months. Tsohost (the company) has developed steadily and kept its originating team intact. That points to a well-run company which (should) give on the most critical aspects like uptime and speed.

Nice Plan Features:

  1. As usual of the web’s topmost hosts, Tsohost features a simple one-click launching of your popular applications like WordPress, Drupal and ZenCart. That indicates you can have a new site up in minutes, and probably sold by the end of the day.

  1. All shared hosting plan also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. (And unlike many other hosts, this money back guarantees a good deal, with no hidden fees or other methods to bug about.)

  1. Their plans — even the cheapest and basic ones — come with free daily backups; this is a Tremendous advantage. Errors, accidentally, are strangely easy to make. Moreover, if WordPress has any defects, possible security breaches are one of them because of so many third-party tools used on a particular site.
Backups can help you recover the previous, UN-tainted version of a site in minutes. So having those done daily means, you’ll always have one at the ready (without having to emphasize or annoy about doing any of the heavy lifting especially).

Simple pricing:

Numerous hosting providers weight up sells at the last time check-out. When you pick their chosen plans, it often comes with 2 or 3 years of engagement with higher renewal prices. We liked Tsohost’s pricing policies as you’ll find ALL THE FEATURES shown in their payment plans and they also show you the different price involvement prices. They show prices are for 24 months and for a monthly payment you’d be looking at a price rise of 2$ – about 6$/mo.

Quick, Active Support:

Tsohost offers client service in all significant ways. Like many companies today, they enjoy mixed reviews. What we enjoy, though, is their quick response times and clear communications on major social networks like Twitter. Their live chat options also touched us. They joined immediately, were understanding and professional as well as showed serious interest in our needs. We participated on a Saturday, too, which was a comfortable advantage Tsohost comes with. Tsohost also recently increased their phone support hours a few months back, from 7 am to midnight GMT. That’s both good and bad, as we’ll see in a second.

98.17% Uptime – Critical than the industry standard:

Uptime is no doubt the essential criteria a hosting company’s qualified for. The reason is that even the smallest bit of downtime — like 99% — can sum up to your site being offline for almost a full day each month. Tsohost has posted weak uptime numbers within the period we’ve observed them.

  • Last four months of monitoring: uptime
  • March 2019 average uptime: 98.28%
  • February 2019 average uptime: 99.28%
  • January 2019 average uptime: 99.58%
  • December 2018 average uptime: 99.99%
  • Their average uptime is below the industry score.
There are way too many outages, and a lot of downtime means lost traffic and potentially a lot of lost revenue.

Page loading times slower than the opposition:

The other primary decision-making measures you should use when deciding a new hosting company is speed. The purpose? Three-fourths of your website traffic will leave if pages take longer than five seconds to load. We’re apprehensive about the current months. It does seem that Tsohost has lost all competitive edge. 2sec of load time means that almost moiety of your traffic will leave the site and visit someone else, who has much immeasurable loading time, at least under 1sec.   They’re not even good enough to beat the competition’s slow 850ms average by almost 32%.

England based servers:

It’s significantly a great thing. If your site is essential for the US market and customer base, you’d be entirely off with your servers located in the US not overseas. Overseas servers often slow your site down as data transfers take longer.

Payment Terms:

The broad and dreadfully dull Terms of Service usually is where all the bodies get a dump. So Tsohost’s terms were no difference. First up, is their strict terms around how and when restorations paid. Here’s the difficulty: how regularly do you get a new credit or debit card during the year, only for the old one to be however connected to many online accounts (like hosting providers)? If overdue bills aren’t taken care of within a few days, Tsohost will automatically reject your account (which means your site goes down).

So keep a careful eye on those prompt emails! When other goods purchased through them, like a domain name, expire (again, regrettably, common when they try to run a card with an old number and the payment doesn’t go by — even though you assume it does), that product will quickly expire the next day. After you do make the payment right, you’ll still have to inform them by email to get your domain or site back online within the next 24 hours. So you could be looking recklessly at a prolix downtime period if something ordinary, like your card details changing, happens and payment doesn’t go through.

Another possible downside is that all payments received must be in UK Pounds sterling. That means you’re on the hook for any reasonable exchange rate charges. Last but not least, they hold the right to change or modify pricing at any point in time. That means even though your next renewal period won’t cost you more right now. Doesn’t mean that will be the case shortly.

Tsohost free domain on Select Plans:

Practically all indivisible web host we’ve examined will happily throw in a free domain name and site immigration when you’re building a new account.   Tsohost will toss in a free domain name on some, but not all plans. For example, their two most inexpensive plans, the Tsohost lite hosting and Standard ones, don’t get with free domains.

Phone Support:

A minor last judgment. Yes, it’s excellent that Tsohost phone support has extended to 7 am to midnight GMT. However, if you live in the US (or anywhere else other than the UK and Western Europe) that might post some difficulties. For example, what if you’re sitting in California at 5:30 pm and your site have issues? Too bad, as midnight GMT is 5 pm PST, which means you won’t be able to reach anyone on the phone for another six or seven hours. That, combined with the fact that you’re on the hook for exchange rates, might make it rather tough to deal with outside if you’re living outside the UK.

TsoHost Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts:

TsoHost gives four separate shared hosting plans. All prices shown are with 24/hour engagement. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here’s held in each: Startup: This plan runs £2.92 per month, and gives you 15 GB of space storage, with UNLIMITED bandwidth and 100 x 200MB Mailboxes, Let’s Encrypt SSL Support + Free Domain Name.

Business: This plan £7.91 each month, 50GB storage, UNLIMITED bandwidth, 100 x 1GB Mailboxes, Let’s Encrypt SSL Support, Free Standard SSL + Free Domain Name

eCommerce: This plan £21.62 monthly, delivering a whopping 100GB of storage, UNLIMITED bandwidth, Unlimited x 10GB Mailboxes, Let’s Encrypt SSL Support, Free Standard SSL, two eCommerce Migrations + Free Domain Name.

  1. Ease of Signup: Signup process is comparatively quick and painless
  2. Payment Methods: You can pay by credit card or PayPal.
  3. Hidden Fees and Clauses: No domain names on some plans. Be alert about renewals.
  4. Upsells: There are a few upsells along the way.
  5. Account Activation: Usually prompt, however, can take up to a day in some cases.
  6. Control Panel and Dashboard Experience: cPanel for some plans
  7. Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): Straightforward, the one-click installation process of the most popular apps available.

Safety and Security:

Data-center highlights include 24/7 security, bio metric locks, and twin power supplies. The host automatically provides snapshot backups for both cloud and cPanel hosting customers. Overall, it seems like Tsohost has paid proper attention to their security when it comes to securing their data centers.


If you're looking for a web hosting company based in the UK, Tsohost does have a lot running for it. Its dedication to excellence is evident, and it doesn't shy away from providing in-depth information about its products and services.   It believes in the potential of cloud hosting, and its custom control panel looks attractive enough to make you interested in trying it out. I try it for over a year, and it delivers quite a good result but not recommend for a high website. Don't forget to use a tsohost promo code for further discount.

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