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It is the best Chinese brand in the America, to get whatever you are seeking for. From grocery items to patent medicine, herbs and skin care products, everything that you need is there.

About tsEmporium:

The tsEmporium was established in 1979 in the United States of America,.  Today it is the largest purveyor of American Ginseng, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Nutritious Goods  all across the country.


The tsEmporium Inc is now operating 4 retail outlets in the greater Los Angeles area. For online shoppers, the business also sells wholesale and E-commerce on

Goal of tsEmporium:

The goal of tsEMPORIUM® is to promote the benefits of American Ginseng, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and nutritious goods, so everyone can enjoy healthier lives.

Why tsEmporium s better than others in the market?

The business is in the, market of the USA from last 40 years, and since then it is providing the best natural products to its clients. Today the tsEmporium® branded product reflects the highlight of trademark of validation for caring about the environment and condition the brand natural herbal products are cultivated in.


This high care when cultivating and extracting the herbs in a natural way, allows the business to make sure that the highest quality is delivered in its products. It is the results of dedication along with knowledge and smart sourcing, and today tsEmporium has earned a reputation of providing “The Most Excellent Value” to its customers!

What other things make tsEmporium unique?


The brand has the most complete line of:

·       Premium American Ginseng from Wisconsin, USA.

·       Traditional Chinese Medicine that includes the natural herbal remedies, pills, gels, and ointments.

·       Nutritious natural goods from across the globe, including Cordyceps, Swallow’s Nest, dried sea cucumbers, scallops, mushrooms and more.

·       Besides the traditional products of tsEMPORIUM®, the brand also carries thousands of products under these categories: fresh produce from local farms, groceries, electronics, cook wares, and unique Chinese ornaments.

When an order is at placed at the tsEmprorium, the delivery time id from Monday to Friday. The business takes 1 to 2 working days to process the order placed and mail them to its clients. However, on certain special occasions, like Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, the businesses needs extra 3 to 4 working days to process the order. Besides, due to multiple locations of the goods storage warehouse, the goods in an order may be divided into more than one packages for delivery, and the delivery time depends on the express delivery time receipt. After the package is sent, the system updates the logistics information and send its client a notification email.

tsEmporium Inc uses the UPS and USPS to deliver the orders to its clients. The aims is to make sure that the clients receive the parcel just the way it was ordered and in the expected time.

tsEmporium also facilitates its clients by giving them multiple payment methods. A customer can either pay via credit card, Alipay Payment method and PayPal payment method. Every detailed information of the client is kept confidential.

Coupons for tsEmporium:

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The tsEmporium Coupon, tsEmporium Promo codes and tsEmporium Voucher codes should be entered while checkout. These promo codes and tsEmporium Voucher codes should be valid to purchase the natural herbs, tsEmporium skin care and other medicines. The tsEmporium coupons can be used for one time only.

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Contact Information:

The tsEmprorium welcomes the feedback and complaints of it clients. The customer services department of the business responds to every single query of the client, through any of the following modes:

·       Customer Service: 626-322-2800Pacifric time: 10am ~ 6pm, all 7 days

·       Customer Service Email:

·       Official Website:


Final Thoughts

Established in 1979, tsEmporium Inc today is the largest purveyor of American Ginseng, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Nutritious Goods  all across the country. Get the latest tsEmporium coupons to get the Chinese herbs and other nutritious natural good that are manufactured with high quality.

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