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TRUEMASK Coupon Codes

Truemask Coupons

The world has come to a pause due to the global pandemic Covid 19. It has every one in one way or other. From educational institutes to businesses, everything is closed down. People are staying inside their homes to limit the spread of the virus. Or if in any case they have to leave homes, they must have to wear a mask to protect themselves and their families from catching the virus.

After a log lockdown USA, European and other Asian countries have lifted up the stay at home restrictions to let the economy run. It doesnot mean that the virus of Global pandemic Covid-19 has vanished. You still have to protect yourself. Never leave your home without wearing a mask or the consequences would be drastic if you catch the virus. CDC recommends wearing a mask while going out in public. We have to be careful in social interactions and wearing a mask till a vaccine is announced for it.

It means that a mask is an ideal protection for you and your family. With the sudden onset of this global pandemic, just like hand sanitizers, the protection makes also got short in the market. There was more demand than supply. This situation also increased the price for an average quality face mask in the market. True Mask took on time action and started delivering face masks to people around so that the supply of masks never get short and people stay protected while going out.

The ware house of True Mask is located in Bergen New Jersey, and promises to deliver the order in just 3 to 5 days for the customers of USA. The company does not deliver masks internationally. However a face mask when bought cannot be returned or exchanged due to the nature of the product and intensity of the viral pandemic.

Categories of face masks

True masks is known to manufacture high quality face masks to keep you protected, however these masks are made of cloth and not suitable for medical procedures. The True masks are non-sterile.

KN95 Face Mask, Washable face masks with Antimicrobial protection-Black-unisex, Washable face mask with Antimicrobial protection-white-unisex and washable face masks with floral and cartoons printed are some of the high quality masks of True masks.

The washable face masks of True masks are made with high quality soft cotton. The fabric used is stretchable to adjust the face properly and is treated with an antibacterial finished to prevent bad odor and also kills the bacteria.

What make the masks of True Masks unique, are
  • 2- Fold filtering
  • Breathable fabric
  • Snug fit
  • Soft and lint free
  • Contact information
True Masks can be contacted via business email; The customer representatives are available to answer your queries and also provide information about your order.

Coupons of True Mask

The True Mask coupons, True Masks promo codes, and True Mask discount codes are available at the business official website,

A True Mask coupon would let you shop freely and get more for paying less. If one True Mask coupon or a True Mask Promo code is not working, you can choose other from the list.

For updates you can provide your email address for subscription.

Final Thoughts

The world has come to a stop with the sudden onset of Covid- 19. It has changed the lifestyle of common people and has also altered the ways organization and other business institutes work. This social distancing pandemic has limited people to their homes, or if by any chance a person has to go out for work, grocery or school. College, they should not leave their homes with wearing a mask. Wearing a face mask while going out is a must thing by CDC. It keeps you and your family protected from catching the virus.

The True masks are made of stretchable cotton cloth that could be washed and reused. However, these masks are not recommended for medical purposes.

To get more from True Masks, you can get the True Mask coupons, the True Mask discount codes, the True Masks promo codes. Order your safety face masks today and get them within 3 to 5 days-inly for USA and protect your selves from this evil virus.

TRUEMASK Promo Codes

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