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The learning of your child is important.  If you want your child to learn or if they are keen on learning, Storypod brings stories and songs that help them in learning more effectively.

Storypod is designed by four friends named Loraine, Daniel, Sara, and Sophia from Miami, FL, USA. It is designed for those parents who are concerned about learning about their little heroes and darling princess. The idea came in when the parents got concerned about the frequent use of mobile gadgets. Of course, more screen time results in troubling results, and this is what the cofounders of storypod want to fix.

The mission of Storypod:

The business aims to raise intelligent and healthy kids through the use of audio-play.

What does Storypod do?

The Storypod helps your child to discover their intestates through educational audio characters and books. These story pod audio characters and books are categorized according to age-specific content.

The storypod audio characters are designed by the educators that increase the learning process of your child’s brain.

How does Storypod work?

The best thing about Storypod is its convenience It is user-friendly, which means your child can easily use it without parents' helps. Kids simply tap the Storypod special Crafties audio characters or Storypod Books on the storypod speakers and it is ready.  If you have any storypod coupons, use them.

Get the latest story pod coupons from its official website,, or from the storypod app. However, remember, the storypod coupons are to be used only once.

3 main steps for learning with storypod:


1.     Tap on the storypod Craftie or story podcast.

2.     Find out a new topic- select the topic that seems interesting to your child. Like storypod dinosaurs,  story bots we are the planets.  Discover what your kid wants to see?

3.     Interact, play, and learn through Trivia.

What your child can learn with storypod?

The storypod has a wide collection of moral stories, songs, and other learning topics. Storypod dinosaurs are one of the most favorite categories of kids.

These features are available in English and Espanol.

 Parent across the world gives excellent reviews about the platform. The storypod reviews show that kids love using storypod and the process of learning is now more fun. The story pod reviews also declare the story pod as the best gift for their children.

I Crafties:

The storypod iCrafties allows your kids to do a free recording of almost 100 minutes.  With the storypod app, your kids can learn more by doing their own recording.

With Storypod coupons, you can get more to let your kids enjoy more with storypod.

The story of storypod does not end here. The storypod can be as much enjoyable and useful in learning for your older kids. Yes, your elder kids would love it the same way.

Why storypod?


·       The children love the experience of audio-paly.

·       The parents of kids love the educational, screen-free activities.

·       Kids can do their own recording and enjoy or learn more.

·       The storypod coupons let your kids learn unlimited.

·       With storypod, your kids of any age can learn through interactive audio-play.

Storypod app:

The story pod app is available for both IOS and Android users. The story pod app is free to install with all the amazing features. Now your kids can get access to their favorite app and learning experience with any gadget.

Does the storypod app have the feature of parental control?

Yes, the storypod app accommodates the concerns of parents. It allows the parents to control the settings using the storypod app. Now your child can have an access to what you want them to see.

Final Thoughts

Make the learning process a fun time for your kids. With storypod app, let your kids enjoy and learn at the same time.  Choose from the story pod topics that your kid would enjoy.

Install the storypod app today and make your kids intelligent and healthy to take a lead in this competitive world. 

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