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Stellar is the leading Data Care Expert around the globe. Furthermore, We are specialist in Data Recovery, File Repair software & services, Data Erasure. We are a team of 400+ high-tech IT professionals. Moreover, We are developing B2C & B2B software’s from last 25 years. Further, we offer 100+ software, price ranging from $29 to $999. So, our customers are able to save more on their online buying with use of Stellar coupons, promo codes.

Stellar Coupons

Further, Find the Stellar Data Recovery coupon and discount codes at CouponFond. And also for data recovery & various computer software. Stellar Data Recovery protects the servers to provide the up-to-the-minute data and applications. Our data recovery provides the 100% results to retrieve the lost data. In fact, It is an online computer software that helps in recovering the deleted data from Windows. In addition, We create a significant difference in your invoice with Stellar Data Recovery coupons and promo codes.

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Stellar Promo Codes

Stellar Data Recovery Review

 Stellar is known as a well-reputed brand of IT Softwares. It’s all because of the broad range of data utilities designed to rescue users through their tough situations. Stellar Data Recovery is used for both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. The best of the company tool is called as Data Recovery Processional. Stellar Data Recovery can be used to recover the files any application deleted by you. Also, it can be used to recover data from crashed Hard disk drivers and RAW non-mounting partitions. The best thing about Stellar Data Recovery is that it can recover data from external devices like external HDD, USB flash drivers, and damaged CDs or DVDs. Not only this, but this tool also supports cloning, which will help to produce a second copy of data onto a new HDD. Stellar data recovery tool works efficiently. It is one of the most feature-rich wizards of any data recovery tool. It comes up with options to scan anything, i.e., file or folder by file or folder type. While scanning specific folders, it allows us to preview files, although the Scan is still in progress.The Stellar Data Recovery tool for the computer is ranked one despite its competitors.

Pricing & Licensing

Stellar license is typically applied to a single device. It offers toolkit licenses for IT professionals, which let the use of the software on any computer and whether Windows, Mac, or Linux. The cost of Stellar Data Recovery is not cheap it is also in line to the other top solution brands likeEaseUS and Prosoft. However, you can use Stellar Data Recovery coupons available on this site to avail discount in the pricing of the data recovery tool. People mostly like its standard home edition, but it is unable to recover files from RAW storage. Which means it won’t help you out with one of the most common data loss scenarios.


The brief overview of Stellar Data Recovery features is given below. We like this software package because it allows RAW partition recovery, an essential element for any data recovery software.
  • VersionWindows, Mac, Linux
  • Scan Options
  • Quick Scan
  • Deep Scan
  • Sort by File Type
  • Scan by File Type
  • Scan Capabilities
  • Full Hard-Drive Scan
  • Deleted/Lost File Recovery
  • Corrupted Partition Recovery
  • Deleted Partition Recovery
  • Bootable USB Device, Mac only
  • Recovery CD, Sold separately
  • Cloning
  • External Recovery
  • External Drive Recovery
  • Removable Media Recovery
  • SD Card Recovery
  • Optical Storage Recovery


Features do not offer both the RAID storage recovery and the server like other tools offers, i.e., Piriform. Both of these characteristics are covered in the more expensive technician edition of Stellar Data Recovery Tool.As what other tools offer free like startup disk recovery, For the Stellar Data Recovery tool, you have to pay $20 extra for this. A startup disk enables you to recover data from a computer that won’t boot due to a corrupted boot partition.Stellar support the recovery of most file types. The list includes:
  • Documents: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF
  • Audio: MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, Ogg
  • Archives: zip, Gzip, RAR, Stuffit
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, RAW, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Videos: MPEG-4, QuickTime, AVI, WMV
In the rare event that a file type isn’t supported, the software allows you to define new file types if you have five samples that it can use to learn from.Stellar also helps the standard file systems used by Windows and Mac:
  1. Windows: FAT, NTFS
  2. Mac: HFS, HFS+
  3. Removable Storage: ExFat

Recovery Process

In this section, we look at the necessary data recovery process by Stellar Data Recovery. The steps we follow represent the two of the most common methods users will perform with Stellar Data Recovery It won’t examine any new process like how to add a new file or how to clone the partition in this space.Once you have installed the tool and start working on it, the wizard first asks you to select the type of file you want to scan. Being able to choose a specific file type is a nice inclusion since it reduces scan time.Next, you have to select the location.You can select a specific partition to scan, or any folder, the property that makes it an excellent time-saver. It also shows an option under “other locations” named as “can’t find the drive.” Using this option will allow you to recover data from RAW partitions quickly.If you select this option on the next screen, you can run a quick scan on it. It will ask partition information from your computer and display what it finds.Doing this will not return drive letters, but it will show drive information like the size of the drive. It will allow you to scan the partition for deleted files or otherwise lost partitions so long as they haven’t been overwritten with new data.Either you select a lettered drive or a specific folder or a lost partition, once you click on the “scan button,” Data Recovery Professional automatically starts a quick scan first.In this way, many other data recovery applications work. It will let you deep Scan, or a quick scan of any folder or partition as the quick Scan is the first step to recover the data and only takes a few minutes with Stellar to recover the files. If you are dealing with a quick scan or the deep Scan, Stellar Data Recovery Pro will provide on-screen data to let you know how much Scan is left or how much is completed. How much time it has taken or how much time will it take more to complete the Scan.Once your Scan completes, you can preview recovered data by:
  • File type: manage the material in file categories
  • Tree view: displays content based on the directory structure
  • Deleted list: will only shows the deleted folder or files.
 We appreciated having all three options, which you won’t get with most other software. There’s also a search option.It will allow you to see the list of segments in Recycle Bin or raw data folder. The recycle bin will recover the data that you have personally deleted from the folder while the raw folder will recover other lost content. And when you click on the file, Stellar Data Recovery Preview will show you data that is recovering. It will help you to know that the recovering file is what you need or you want to fix something else. The preview capability of any data recovery tool is essential to make work more manageable and more comfortable.It is easy to use data recovery tool and is more open than other data recovery tools. The only drawback is that there is no thumbnail available to preview the file like other data recovery tools have, i.e., EaseUS.Create a box named folder or file for recovery. And when you think you are ready, click the recover button. Wizard will ask you to select the recovery path of the file or folder, which must be different from the recovering way. If you are not ready for recovery, you can save the scan result for use later.


For checking the performance of the computer, we measure both quick Scan and deep Scan to compare them against similar products.

So, let us share the results

Our test computer had a 1TB hard drive. We perform both quick and deep Scan in the 518 partitions with 379 GB of used space. During this test, we were recovering the three types of files that were Word file, a jpg file, and an mp4 file.We also think of performing a scan over the entire hard disk drive instead of some folders or files. It will let us know that we can recover a test partition that we have created, fill it with content, and then deleted it.The results were something like this:

Feature   Result

Quick Scan (500GB Partition)6 minutes 
Deep Scan (500 GB Partition)2 hours, 20 minutes
Full HD Scan (1TB)5 hours
  • Word Doc Recovered
  • Video File Recovered
  • Recovered Deleted Partition
  • Image File Recovered
   Stellar Data Recovery work as we wanted it to, it may not be a very user-friendly tool, but anyone can work with it by just following some basic guidelines.It is a feature-rich tool and the one that provides efficient scanning. You can enjoy all these features in discount prices by using Stellar Data Recovery coupons available on this site.

Customer Support

Stellar Data Recovery tool provides customer support from the support portal. You will explore there FAQs and knowledge-base. When you see the knowledge base, you will view similarly to the FAQ resource. You will view other detailed tutorials on the site, which makes it helpful.Stellar does provide direct support options. We exchanged several emails with Stellar during our testing and received responses within 24 hours every time. You can also speak with a live support technician over the telephone or chat during business hours.We have spent some time communicating with Stellar over live chat and found their customer support friendly and knowledgeable.

Final Thoughts

Although Stellar doesn’t have the budget-friendly pricing, when you’re shopping something like a data recovery solution, you have to check that you are getting back for what you have actually paid for.Whether you’re a user who’s found themselves dealing with a catastrophic data loss situation or an IT professional looking to arm yourself with superior tools, Data Recovery Professional is the best choice you can make. Also, enjoy the discount price by using Stellar coupons.Of course, as always, prevention is the best measure to ensuring you don’t lose your files, so be sure and back up your hard drive if you aren’t already.