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ProtonVPN corporation has a generally small network of 464 servers (a few suppliers have thousands), yet theyre all around spread crosswise over 35 nations. Most servers are in Europe and North America, of course. Yet, there are likewise areas in Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, and that's just the beginning.

ProtonVPN possesses and deals with its very own servers, as well, and they're associated with the web utilizing the organizations very own system. Aside from giving ProtonVPN excellent command over how the administration is set up and managed, it likewise gives us this isn't only some shell corporation making benefits from exchanging others pack: there are real resources and expertise here.

The ProtonVPN Plus plan conveys every one of the features wa have depicted here, covers five gadgets, and can be yours for $10 charged month to month, $8 a month paid yearly. That is not terrible. However, you can get skilled VPNs for significantly less (Private Internet Access is $3.33 per month on its yearly plan).

You can use ProtonVPN coupons for discount rates. The corporation has some less expensive alternatives. The Basic plan doesn't give you access to the premium servers, wont stream Netflix, cant course traffic through numerous servers, and just backings two gadgets, yet its merely $4 per month on a yearly membership.

That is better, although still more than a portion of the challenge (the previously mentioned Private Internet Access yearly plan conveys an unlimited standard help for that $3.33 month to month expense). Get discount in price with ProtonVPN coupons ProtonVPN has something for deal trackers, however, looking like its free plan. OK, it covers one gadget in particular and gives you access to only three nations (US, Netherlands, Japan). Be that as it may, the administration performed well for us, with our closest Netherlands server averaging 65-70Mbps, and, critically, it has no transmission capacity limits.

No all the more bumping up against tiny data allowances: you can utilize ProtonVPN Free as much as you like. That is a big deal and makes ProtonVPN intriguing all alone. Weve additionally gathered together the best free VPN services.  


ProtonVPNs Swiss home gives it a prompt security advantage over the vast majority of the challenge. The nation has powerful privacy laws, is outside of US and EU purview, and isnt a member of the 14 eyes reconnaissance network. The corporation expresses its logging approach obviously on the site: "ProtonVPN is a no-logs VPN administration.

We don't track or record your web activity, and along these lines, we cant disclose this data to outsiders." Session logging is nearly non-existent. The corporation stores the timestamp of the last active login attempt, yet that is it. This is overwritten when you next sign-in, so it just ever mirrors the previous session. ProtonVPN associates your record with an email address when you join, yet this location can be whatever you like.

The company proposes utilizing ProtonMail on the off chance that youd like to remain mysterious. Sign up the free plan, and you wont need to give any payment details. Pick something different, and you can select to pay by Bitcoin. On the off chance that you use PayPal or a credit card, the installments are prepared by an outsider, and ProtonVPN wont see your charging subtleties. There's a further reward in a Transparency Report or Warrant Canary page, which covers outstanding legitimate solicitations and what occurred.

As we compose, the last solicitation was a half year prior, and ProtonVPN expressed that as we dont have any client IP data, we couldnt give the requested data, and this was disclosed to the requesting party. Set up everything together, and ProtonVPN resembles a superior security decision than most. However, there is still an opportunity to get better. VPNs, including TunnelBear and VyprVPN, have had their frameworks openly evaluated for security issues, giving considerably more consolation that theyve satisfied their guarantees, and wed prefer to see ProtonVPN and the other enormous suppliers do likewise.

Windows app

Signing up ProtonVPN is simpler than it used to be, in spite of the fact that there are as yet a couple of startling complexities. You can pay in Bitcoin, for example, however on the off chance that youre another client (you don't have a free plan) at that point, you cant just give your subtleties on an installment structure. The structure doesn't refer to any help for Bitcoin.

You need to, in one way or another, realize this ahead of time, contact support, follow to their directions and maybe hold as long as 36 hours. There were no issues with our PayPal installment, however. In the wake of giving over the money, ProtonVPN guided us to our record dashboard, a convenient online interface with valuable documents and data.

That includes account subtleties, login accreditations, an OpenVPN design record generator, a download connect for the Windows customer, and connections to directions for setting up Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android gadgets. We got a duplicate of the Windows customer. It downloaded and introduced in seconds with no specialized problems. We signed in with the client credentials we determined while joining, and the principle comfort showed up.

The customer looks incredible, with an expert and clean interface. It opens with a huge world guide which, for once, works precisely true to form: turn the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, left-click and drag to move around, float the mouse cursor over a server symbol to see its area and click to get connected. In the event that you dont care for the map interface, you can collapse the customer down to a standard rundown of areas. Icons highlight servers that support P2P (four, at the hour of writing) or Tor (only two). Growing any area records all its accessible servers, with a sign of load, and you can associate with a click. Profiles include works in as a bizarrely amazing Favorite framework.

This could be as basic as making a profile that associates with a New York server; however, there are a lot more alternatives. You could interface with the quickest server in a nation or an area, possibly pick an irregular server to lessen the open door for following, select the best P2P or Tor-accommodating server, and alternatively decide to associate by means of TCP or UDP. The Settings dialog allows you to enable or disable key features (kill switch, DNS leak protection), configure what the Quick Connect action does (connect to the fastest location, a random server, a specific server of your choice) and set up the split tunneling system.    

The ProtonVPN Android application looks and feels a lot of like the work area work, with a fundamentally the same as map view, nation list, and Favorites-like Profile framework. Indeed, even the Settings board has practically indistinguishable choices and controls. The main critical distinction is the application utilizes the IKEv2 convention instead of OpenVPN, yet that is not a serious deal – IKEv2 is quick and secure.

At any rate, on the off chance that you incline toward OpenVPN, the organization discloses to us support is just around the corner. In case youre planning to set up an OpenVPN-perfect application or piece of equipment, there is uplifting news: ProtonVPN offers preferable help for this over anybody weve seen. Rather than driving you to work with a single set of conventional design records, or create custom documents separately, ProtonVPNs web support gives you the best everything being equal.


Our speed testing started by associating with the quickest server from two areas (one UK, one US), at that point checking execution with the benchmarking destinations and UK speeds were reliable at 64-66Mbps, as much as we could expect on our 75Mbps test line. ProtonVPNs speeds from our US test area peaked at 25Mbps and arrived at the midpoint of considerably less, colossally frustrating when you think that our test area could deal with rates of up to 475Mbps.

These outcomes were reduced to the point that we couldnt exactly trust them and expanded testing from the UK improved results, with a scope of 48-68Mbps. We had positive outcomes elsewhere, as well, with Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong all conveying rates of around 20-64Mbps. There were a couple of disillusioning areas – India and South Korea battled to arrive at 5Mbps – however, most VPNs have a couple of system network low points.

Generally, the administration performs genuinely well. ProtonVPN sells itself more on security than site unblocking, so we werent anticipating a lot from the administration. Also, sufficiently sure, we discovered we couldnt get to BBC iPlayer. US and UK Netflix are accessible on the Plus plan, in spite of the fact that we found the player some of the time set aside an exceptionally long effort to play anything, and sporadically coordinated out, compelling us to attempt once more.

That must be a worry, yet as it was certainly not a steady issue, we cant state whether its a general issue or some temporary local hiccup with the server or our system. ProtonVPN doesnt have live chat support, though, and while you can send an email, the company says the response time is usually within 1-2 days. Most providers reply within hours, not days.

We waited around one and a half days for an answer to our test question, so ProtonVPNs estimate was accurate. The good news continued up to the end of the review when we ran our usual set of privacy tests. All ProtonVPN servers were in the locations promised, and they all returned the same IP and DNS address, with no DNS or WebRTC leaks to give our real identity away.  

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