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NeuroGum Coupon Code

NeuroGum Coupons


NeuroGum believes that the best version of a human being starts within himself- in his mind.

The business was initiated in 2015, and since then it is dedicated to create great-tasting products that are available in the right state and right time.

Kent and Ryan started NeuroGum  five years back. These two met in the college. Kent was trained with the Japanese Olympic Judo Team and he painted a photograph for the city of Los Angeles and participated in Muay Thai- an international competition. While Ryan was trained with the U.S. Paralympic team. Ryan also was a 2nd degree black belt holder.  They both had degrees in neuroscience, Chemistry and economics.

The aim was to change minds, souls and bodies.  They thought of enjoying lives to the fullest.  The partners though of getting a product that would always keep them happy , but they could not find any.  They did not want to take supplements that were made from artificial ingredients, neither had they wanted carbonated energy drinks.

For living a content life, and studying or playing they wanted to take something better instead of these mentioned products which have sugar. They wanted something clean that could be taken anywhere anytime.

Both of them launched a campaign to introduce better energy choices in the market.  In just first 3 days they were successful to impress people and had tremendous sales.

Mission of NeuroGum

The founders of NeuroGum focuses on three principle to accomplish the mission of their business. These are:

·       Innovations

The NeuroGum aims to constantly improve. The business have introduced 30 products in the market through high quality formulas, innovations , ingredients and texture to make every NeuroGum product unique.

·       Quality Ingredients

NeuroGum uses sustainable yet high quality ingredients  that are FDA approved.

·       Giving Back

NeuroGum gives back 1 percent of everything. It works for the betterment of community. NeuroGum uses a portion of its profits to a better cause and also focuses on non-profit products.

What is best about NeuroGum?

All of the NeuroGum supplements are not only made with natural ingredients- FDA approved but also are lab tested.  The NeuroGum supplements lets you reach the right state of mind with the right products that are safe and consistent.

Four major ingredients of NeuroGum:

NeuroGum uses these four ingredients as a basic in every  product and they are proven for boosting your energy and enhancing focus.  These are:

Natural Caffeine- 40 mg

Natural Caffeine  gives a pure yet balanced energy to keep you active.

L-theanine- 60 mg

The yin to caffeine’s yang, this is the primary amino acid that is extracted from green tea and has always proofed to  neutralize the negative side effects of caffeine while reducing stress.

Vitamin B6- Pyridoxine- 60 percent DV

B6 helps a human body to create the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine which regulate the moods and help them to cope with stress.

Vitamin B12- Methylcobalamin-  100 percent DV

B12 is important for the body’s ability to breakdown the food and convert it into glucose, which gives us energy. Besides it helps create the mood boosting hormone serotonin to cope with stress and anxiety in any kind of situation.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to stay active and fit, NeuroGum is the best place to get the supplements that are not made with artificial ingredients and no preservatives are added to them. NeuroGum reviews say that the business aims to make people fit with high quality supplements that are made naturally. 


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