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MyWorld is an online market place that has opened up a new aspect in the world of shopping. It creates successful brands and businesses in the online world.


  The company was first introduced in the market is 2003, by an entrepreneur named Hubert Friedl, and since then it has expanded without looking back. The headquarter of myWorld is in London but it has expanded its operations in 49 countries and has formed a global network of around 15 million Shoppers and 150,000 Partners. This is amazing.

Vision of myWorld

  The vision of myWorld is to
  • lead the way in respective niches of tech, marketing, and communications
  • To introduce new ways for the partners and customers of myWorld to get benefit from the company’s expertise and to grow in all areas of business.

Future venture

  To introduce a whole new range of projects to help the company gain a competitive edge in the market.

Company Portfolio

  The online business has restructured itself to-myWorld Holdings Ltd and all the strategies are discussed and incorporated for the success of the company in the offices at Canary Wharf. myWorld Holding Ltd is the parent company for a huge range of famous brands and established businesses. Currently, it includes; own think tank, 360 Lab, the travelWorld, the myWorld Media Group, and its subsidiary companies, mediaWorld Productions, sportsWorld and eventWorld. The global subsidiary within the business is myWorld International.

· 360 labs

  The myWorld 360 Innovation acts as a think tank for the subsidiaries of the company. It supports new set-ups to become market leaders. The 360 Lab has defined a new set of standards, and innovative approaches for developing ideas, products, and business models.

· myWorld Media Group

  The myWorld Media Group is setting new standards in the niches of media relations, business communication, the television world, and also event and sports marketing. Besides, the social life app, eye time of the myWorld Media Group offers the latest style of getting in touch for the new generations.

· myWorld Solutions

  myWorld Solutions effectively connects the company with international business partners. This subsidiary of the company is an expert in e-commerce and m-commerce in the customer loyalty sector. It gives its IT expertise to its partner businesses around the globe; including to the myWorld group of companies.

· myWorld International- Cashback world

  myWorld International is the driver of the World Shopping Community; Cashback and the online marketplace It is also responsible for providing a service to all Cashback World Partner Merchants and shoppers in all of the 49 countries.  

What does the company do

  The company gives space to many brands and businesses at a single platform. It includes the social life app eyetime, the think tank 360 Lab, the biggest Shopping Community in the world, Cashback World, as well as myWorld Media Group and its subsidiary companies.

Social responsibility of myWorld and the environment

The company is not only focused on earning profits online but is also concerned about the betterment of the environment and society. myWorld is participating in following social welfare programs;

· Clean the Beach- Philippines

  The online shopping company is concerned about protecting the environment and also plays a role in spreading public awareness. Greenfinity Foundation, is a joint venture of myWorld, together with the teachers and students of the San Roque Elementary School, has taken the concern of cleaning the beautiful beach of Padre Burgos. More than 90 volunteers came together to help with the trash collection from the beach. The main idea was on creating awareness aside from cleaning the beach. The students were taught about how to take care of nature and its resources.

· School projects at the foot of Kilimanjaro

  The company supports two schools at the base of the famous mountain Kilimanjaro. Not everyone has access to education in this mountainous area, but myWorld has made it possible for the local people. These schools are equipped with learning materials including books, photovoltaic panels, and wells.

· Child and family foundation

  The myWorld company is operating several educational projects on four different continents. The project aims to provide help in areas where education is not common, particularly among poorer communities of the world.

· Introduction of Gardening in the school curriculum

  Together with San Roque Elementary School, myWorld has introduced an Organic Garden Project. The basic idea of the course is to introduce the undernourished children of the Philippines to get the basic education of various kinds of veggies and crops. The steps were taken by the business ensure the safeguard the natural habitats and equal access to available organic resources and also to restore the global balance.  

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Our verdict

  The world of online shopping is at boom these days. Talking about online shopping places, who can forget the famous myWorld. The myWorld brings together renowned brands and successful businesses under one roof. The company has its headquarter in London, but its operations are spread in 49 countries. It has a global network of around 15 million Shoppers and 150,000 business partners, with the business deals with the myWorld social network.

The company has expanded its portfolio since 2003, and now it has 360 labs, myWorld media, myWorld International- Cashback world, and myWorld solutions. Besides an online shopping community, the company is also a corporate Socially Responsible company, taking care of the environment in which we live. The myWorld coupons and myWorld vouchers can be easily collected at It is simple to get the latest myWorld Voucher codes, promo codes, and discount codes. MyWorld Coupon Code MyWorld Discount Code

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