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Mondly is one of the number one companies to make language learning with speech recognition possible in AR and VR. Mondly is an online language learning platform developed by ATI Studios SRL, an EU based company. A perfect online language learning space for busy people.

About Mondly

Mondly was started in 2013, by Alex Iliescu and Tudor Iliescu, when they expected an opportunity of introducing language learning to smart technologies of the future.  The Mondly was introduced in the market after years of research. 

Mission of Mondly

The mission of Team Mondly is to teach its user a new language faster than anyone else.

Team of Mondly

The dedicated team at Mondly works to give its users a language learning experiences that will encourage people around the world to learn new languages not only out of necessity, but because they would enjoy it in real.  The team works best using their skills and natural talents while having fun. The business is always equipped with super talented people to bring the best for you.

Office of Mondly

The people at Mondly work indoors, but always enjoy and in fun and parties that also happen outside the business office. "Unofficial" fun and giggles, on the other hand, happen every day at a healthy pace and, in combination with its structure of the office, helps Mondly creates a sense of cohesion. The office of Mondly is designed for connectivity and to provide peace of mind to its users. The business chooses an open space office design to encourage workers to work across the departments and the peace corners for creative meditation and bold ideas. Also the headquarter at right at the foothills of the Tampa mountain, is a place filled with creative energy and peacefulness so that customers are more happy.

How do Mondly works?

To be a multilingual is the need of work culture today. Businesses say that a multi-lingual workforce is important for the success of today economies; this is why today businesses focuses on hiring work force that can speak more than one language.  It has designed a professional language learning solution,  and it uses cutting edge technology to learn languages to its


Customers. The Mondly offers 33 different languages to its clients to become a competent worker for today’s organization. Mondly is knows for improving the communication skills of its users.

Languages you can learn with Mondly

Mondly offers more than 33 foreign languages. These are Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, English, Korean. Hindi, Italian, Turkish and Arabic are some of them.

The user can practice the language by listening to the local natives of the language. Select any of them to be more productive.

A client when registers on the website of Mondly,  to learn a language may be asked to enter their name, email address, foreign language skills or other details that will improve their personalized experience.

The business also collect log data, device information, third-party data, cookie information and IP addresses that help it understand which country the client is connecting from. This in turn helps Mondly provide the user with more personalized content better suited to your needs as our user.

How it benefits your organization?


·       Increases customer satisfaction:

Mondly helps your business in making your customers more satisfied than ever. Do you know how? Of course if your workforce would know the native language of your client, they will become more satisfied.  Communicating with your customer in their native language is not only a sign of respect but also enhance the level of trust.  It decreases communication errors, and builds a long lasting relation with them.


 ·       Attract and retain top talent

One sign of success of your business is that it has the most competent workforce. If a workforce is multilingual, it is the best thing for your business. Mondly provides a to increase the experience and satisfaction of your workforce.

·       Boosts safety, productivity and internal collaboration

When a business expands globally, it for sure requires multi lingual work force to deal with clients. Multi lingual work force is crucial for the success of the business. It also affects other areas like productivity and safety. The more a worker knows languages, the more he would be productive in international market.

Why Mondly is the best?

Mondly is best in so many ways:

·       Mondly offers 33 languages to its users.

·       It uses over 5000 words and phrases of a language you desire to learn.

·       Mondly has more than 1000 lessons.

·       It makes you learn new languages simultaneously with the native language.

·       It has developed a world class Mondly speech recognition technology to train your work force and let them become multi lingual.

·       It provides a great learning experience to its users.

·       It provides language learning at three different levels. Beginner, intermediate and advanced proficiency levels.

·       It has 1056 languages courses in one solution.

·       Mondly is designed with an easy to use yet customizable dash board that allows users to organize their course with the business.

·       It allows business to keep a track of employee usage and their progress.

·       Mondly language learning can be synchronized between devices using iOS, Android and web.

Coupons for Mondly

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The Mondly Coupon, the Mondly Promo codes and Mondly Voucher codes should be entered while checkout. These promo codes and Mondly Concept Voucher codes should be valid to learn new languages with Mondly every time.

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Final Thoughts

Today businesses rely on multi lingual workforce to expand globally.  Learning languages helps people to advance in their career and stand out among others. If you want to learn a new language simultaneously your native one, get registered on Mondly today for a better experience. 

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