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Magzter review 2021

Why pay for just one journal when you can subscribe to all of them? Or at least many of them. That's the concept behind "every digital magazine" services like Magzter, Readily, and Kindle, and many more. The latter has now developed the former in giving unlimited issues for a low monthly rate. We are now on COUPONFOND going to review the series of these magazines and how you can get them cheap.

Magzter happens to be the first one, and if you like it, don't forget to use a magzter coupon. So, lets suppose you're an iPad or Kindle Fire or Google Nexus 9 purchaser who loves to read some magazines. Which of these magazine services is more substantial in terms of book selection, reading experience, and overall price? Magzter Gold intends to be a Netflix for magazines, a unique monthly subscription providing you all-you-can-eat entrance to digital magazines on your iPad.

The truth is a little more upset, and whether it provides you insight will depend on how many magazines you view and especially which ones. Magzter Gold coupons and Magzter Gold coupon codes. We tested Magzter on a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and Apple iPad Air. Although it also has apps for smartphones, we consider the adventure of reading a magazine mandates a big screen -- if only to reduce the amount of zooming and scrolling you need to do. Plus, it just seems more like the "real stuff."

So what's history?

Magzter is a well-known cross-platform, self-service, with over 8,000 magazines from 3,400+ publishers and global digital magazine newsstand. Girish Ramdas and Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan established Magzter in 2011.

The company is headquartered in New York. Girish Ramdas, the companys CEO, and Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan, the companys President, founded Magzter in 2011. In the year 2010, Radhakrishnan started forming a platform to digitally issue magazines and provide consumers path to the magazine stores app launch in mid-2011.

In the year 2012, Magzter finished its Series a funding round. In the same year in September 2012, Magzter recorded The Highest Grossing App in Asia on the Apple Store. In July 2013, the firm started into a collaboration with Amazons Kindle Fire and added books to its publishing platform in September 2013.

The company also developed its Series B funding round that year, which increased $10 million. In early 2015, Magzter started Magzter Gold, an all-you-can-read subscription model, similar to Netflix or Spotify that currently gives unlimited access to over 107,000 issues of 3,750+ magazines. The company also has another version Magzter Lite, which allows unlimited access to five titles.

How to sign up:

Meanwhile, your first sign-up, the app requires you to pick your interests from a variety of 20 topics. In our case, we opted for technology, photography, travel, and lifestyle. The apps homepage then has highlighted magazines at the top, and your concerns later. Each range of interest is horizontally scrollable, and upward scrolling shows the extra topic lines – all very easy to do if you want to skim through what's available.

You can also explore specific titles, and that's where we think most people are going to begin. We started with one of our favorite gadget magazines, T3. The first cover highlights the current issue and also gives access to previous questions. In the case of T3, we were capable of going back to the December 2014 issue.

This is where the monthly subscription begins to seem somewhat more reasonable, mainly if there are magazines you buy only seldom, where you can read back-issues you missed.

Some inner look into Magzter Gold

Price: $9.99 a month for full access, $4.99 a month for five titles Selection: Over 2,000 titles, back issues including Platforms: Android, iOS, Web At the front value, Magzter would appear to offer the most for your money by a considerable margin. The service maintains over 5,000 magazines, not just total copies, mind you, but unique titles. But your all-you-can-read Gold subscription cuts that down to about 2,000 mags. It useful they provide a magzter coupon code for us.

However, quite a lot, but not standard of the mainstream US publications you might need. Indeed, the reason Magzters list runs so profound is that it involves the power of smaller publications and worldwide titles. So, for instance, when we went looking for any of the magazines we like many presented by them, we got them in Magzters library but not involved in our Gold subscription.

Most favorites, including "Entertainment Weekly," "Time," and "Wired," are missing entirely. A more critical issue: The Kindle version of the app looked very old, at least comparable to its iOS match. It didn't show which magazines were covered under the Gold membership. In the iOS version, you see a little gold icon on the edge of a magazine qualifies. If you like to try it, coupons for magzter are available on our website.

Zinio digital magazines option:

The first reading experience isn't excellent, either. While reading an issue of "New York," for instance, we noticed that you couldn't slightly jump from the table of contents to a selective story by touching its headline. Alternatively, tapping begins up a scrolling thumbnail bar you can use for quick exploration. And for this particular issue, the page numbers in the TOC didn't follow with the page numbers in the thumbnail bar.

Magzter does help sharing and bookmarks, both handy extras, but there's no text-only scene if you find the scanned page a bit too small for convenience. Its not that Magzter doesn't give a lot of content for your $10, hardly that it may not be the content you need -- or in the way you expect it.

Luckily, there's a seven-day Gold trial you can enter from your mobile device. Significantly, Magzter makes a position by announcing that Gold members can experience their subscription with up to 4 family members. This might not be a significant settlement — after all, you can share logins for different services — but it could be helpful for families where its essential to keep progress and sets separate.


So, for the complete magazine geek, does their service makes more sense? Its hard to recommend Magzter, chiefly because its range leaves much to be wanted. There just aren't enough mainstream mags carried with a Gold subscription, at least for this reader.  

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