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Promoting your business or brand through video content is fun. If you are running a business and want to promote it through the introduction of high-quality videos on various platforms and social media tools, Lumen5 is one of the best options.


Lumen5 is a platform for video creation and it caters to the needs of brands and businesses worldwide to make video content that is influential and engaging for social posts, stories, and ads.

Goal of Lumen5

The business enables you without prior training or experience to produce wonderful videos in less time. The technology of Lumen5 makes the marketing teams confident to bring the story to the limelight and narrative while relying on the Lumen5 system to perform the heavy-duty tasks.

Mission of Lumen5


The platform has lumen5 tools to make videos. The business initiates to provide all the resources that are required to make thumb-stopping videos. The Lumen5 built-in media library gives access to thousands of stock footage, photos, and soundtracks.

The users of the Lumen5 have access to everything they want even if they have not yet paid for the Lumen5 account.

The world and demands of video content have transformed the marketing techniques of businesses and today the most popular form of storytelling is video content. Video content has quickly claimed the spotlight as the single most popular form of storytelling.

 The tools for video content production have not developed to cater to the new demands. The process is not simple and, time-consuming,. The video production process is expensive too. The experts are required to produce a video such as scriptwriters, photographers, cinematographers, audio engineers, video editors, and many others.

Solution is given by Lumen5

Video production and video editing is a process that takes time but it also requires many small jerks and fine-tuning. The Lumen5 automates these tasks through machine learning. For instance, the time for each scene is algorithmically determined that is decided on the number of total words in the scene, positioning of the text is wisely placed to circumvent that covers subjects such as human faces. Besides keywords are automatically highlighted with the color of a brand and a credit scene is given at the climax of each video to go in accordance with the copyright laws.

Prominent features of Lumen5

·       Text to video

The best platform to transform blogs or text into high-quality videos.

·       Enter a link

With a link, the Lumen5 wedding video maker will bring a larger audience to read your business posts.

·       Copy and paste

Lumen5 gives you the option of copy-pasting your offline document and converting it into a captivating video.

Now, plugin RSS feeds and have video templates that are produced on daily basis.

·       Automated workflow

With the A.I, the videos are created in seconds.

·       Scene length and text positioning

The length of each scene in a video is described by its total number of texts. The position of the texts is determined by the composition of the files a client shares.

·       Keyword high lightening

 Machine learning is incorporated for natural language processing and highlights keywords within each sentence.

·       Video clips, Still images, and music library

The Lumen5 library has millions of still images and video clips that cover many topics. Lumen5 also has audio files and background music that you can use for your videos.

How does Lumen5 work?

The Lumen5 works in the given sequence:

Write a script, choose a template or enter a link

Step 1

The Lumen5 system automatically generates a storyboard for its clients and uses Natural Language Processing Algorithms.

Step 2

The Lumen5 A.I discover the perfect Audio Visuals

With the use of computer vision technology, the lumen5 discovers the related visuals and audio that are required by the client.

Step 3

It adds the branding and call-of-action button to the clients. The client can upload its logo and trademarks to make an identity.

Step 4

The last step involves the downloading of video and sharing it. These videos can be shared by the clients on social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The aim is to reach a larger audience in less time.

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Final Thoughts

The ways of marketing have transformed due to the latest technology. The business now uses videos to promote its brands. With Lumen 5, convert your content into amazing videos to reach a larger audience and enjoy your brand identity. With Lumen5 Coupons, Lumen5 discount voucher codes, and Lumen5 promo codes, it is now easier to create high-quality videos with the least charges in comparison to other Lumen5 competitors.

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