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LiquidWeb Coupon Code

LiquidWeb is a privately managed web hosting company founded in 1997. Further, we owning three data centers in Lansing, and a fourth location in Scottsdale. Moreover, We are leader in the professional web hosting industry. And also, we have an unwavering dedication to providing the best hosting solutions. We are providing premium customer support. Because, we know the value of happy customer. In addition, we provide all high tech services on affordable prices. Thant’s why, we always try to use Liquidweb coupons for extra savings on your hosting purchase. liquidweb vps coupon.

LiquidWeb Coupons

We offer discount coupons for all customer or company whether it is small or bigger in size, Liquid Web coupons from CouponFond are most advantageous. After getting VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting from Liquid Web, are no need to worry about their web hosting, So they can perform better to concentrate on what they do best for business.

Furthermore, if you are Looking for Liquid Web coupons and promo codes, There is no further search and take advantage of these CouponFond’s exclusive offers to get started on Liquid Web today. Liquid Web has prominent feature of “heroic support”, which showing the heroic nature of their support staff. Invest your money with Liquid Web promo codes for better future of your business. Let liquid web to host your website and get peace of mind.

Liquid Web Coupon code

LiquidWeb prides on the great customer service. Our support team is highly qualified and is pride of our company and transparency is our Promising feature. In Addition, we publish our support statistics so everyone can view exactly how fast we’re responding to customer calls, as a company rule. liquidweb vps coupon code.

Liquid Web owns and operates three private data centers. LiquidWeb designed, built data centers to maintain an ideal server environment fro their valued customers.We provide fast, secure, and reliable hosting solutions to their clients. LiquidWeb is reliable hosting solutions that’s why Liquid Web is a leader in the hosting industry since 1997.

That’s why, We make our all decisions about designing and adding new servers to our data centers are made with one target in mind. To provide reliable hosting solutions, in addition of unparalleled up time with stable and secure environment to our customers.

Be sure to have CouponFond’s LiquidWeb coupons or LiquidWeb coupon code to enjoy great discounts on your next purchase hosting solution or VPS hosting, dedicated servers and managed word press hosting solutions.

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Liquid Web Coupon code & Deals

LIQUIDWEB REVIEW: ONE OFF THE LEADING NAME  BUT IS IT WORTH IT? LET’S FIND OUT…Liquid Web a name with a class for Professionals:Liquid Web offers high quality hosting for professionals that demand considerable supplies.Liquid Web owns quality-class client support and high achievement with liquid web vps coupon code.Established in 1997, Liquid Web presently hosts over 500,000 websites for 30,000 clients expanded over 130 countries, which is incredible.SPOILER ALERT!IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR CHEAP HOSTING THIS DONT READ FURTHER THIS ARTICLE IS NOT FOR YOU…Because we are going to discuss in detail about Liquid Web and so you won’t see any average cheap shared hosting plans. But we are also going to compare Liquid Web with GoDaddy and Hostgator. Liquid Web involves large business and small business. Their business hosting plans include such as:They offer to managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting, beside a category of cloud-based hosting programs, dedicated servers, and custom solutions for businesses with various specifications.Premium hosting begins with a premium price; however, before making such investment, one should be sure it is worth it.That’s why we are going to test each feature of Liquid Web’s hosting, from single characteristics.Moreover, also about the leading client assistance, which they have been gloating as a trademarked slogan: Backed by the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting.Keep reading, and we will be looking into itWe will check about it speed rates, appearance, and security, and a substantial aspect at these prices.It is fabulous to see a web host with exceptional customer support. However, this is not about everyone to inspect it about our business and its requirement.At the end of this article, you will be smart enough to conclude whether  Liquid Web is the best host for you.If you are a business owner, managing responsibilities with limited support are stressful. Mainly when you are not an IT person but your business requirement include a website. As a small company owner, your work is to maintain your business, not servers.Hosting for Business:Liquid Web claim for their business hosting: Grow, Scale, Compete and Repeat.Now there is not a single aspect which they have not covered.Liquid Web hosting plans cover businesses of all capacities. You name it they got it from Blogging to the online store, organizations to mega-corporations: developers, designers, and firms guaranteed with individual teamwork and management features. They also provide custom-built solutions to their users.Managed WordPress Hosting services:Now, what happens in the hosting market most of the hosting companies take a regular shared hosting and sell it as ‘WordPress Hosting?’Liquid Web doesn’t do this kind of scam.We will be reviewing the premium Managed WordPress host — liquid Web offer specially-optimized support for your WordPress website to keep it working efficiently.What they cover in this plan:
  • Domain registration
  • SSL certificates
  • Managed security
  • Website migration
For further information visit Now, things that make Liquid Web stand different from other hosting companies. They offer some advanced features:
  • Staging Sites
One of the unique feature, called ‘Staging Sites’ enables you to build a copy of your WordPress website, so you can work, test on it offline without changing the appearance of the live website. Well, other hosting companies also offer staging platform but what makes them unique. Their feather is easy to use with just one click you get a separate dashboard for your staging website.
  • Secure Hosting
All individual website you order from liquid Web comes with SSL certificate without any additional cost. No configuration, no trouble.All websites are SSL certificate assurance by default. The whole system, power, and support are also entirely redundant, and the servers secured by 24/7 on website safety.It gives you a peaceful sleep at night when you know your data is safe and the website is secure.
  • Their Own Data Centers
Liquid Web maintains and operates its own core data centers, with on-site engineers, prepared 24/7 to find and fix any problems on the scene. Whereas many hosts used someone else’s data hub.Liquid Web has five centers located mostly in Central and Western US and also in the Netherlands. Individual data centers are SSAE-16, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, AMS-IX, and ISAE 3402 compliant as fully as ISO9001, 14001, and 27001 certified.
  • Easy access to Cloudflare CDN
You can control CDN through your Liquid Web dashboard after signing up for Cloudflare CDN. Which is available on limited assistance from other hosting companies this is a plus point.
  • Developer Tools
Liquid Web gives SSH, Git, and WP-CLI with full server access. So it does not matter if you are a freelancer or run a big agency. Moreover, if you required, some special need for project  Liquid Web provides it.
  • No Traffic Limit
Most host companies can’t handle a vast amount of traffic, and they also chared for pageview counts. However, Liquid Web never charges for pageview count or overage fee they are also able to manage high traffic.
  • Server Access
What most host companies failed to deliver, liquid Web is providing it. Yes, it is the entirely access to the server and the database which is a plus point for their services.
  • Backup of Data
Liquid Web backs up your website automatically on daily and saves these backups for 30 days. You’ll be able to recover or download them from your Managed WordPress Portal instantly.Liquid Web is not the best choice if you don’t have any previous Web hosting knowledge. However, if you’re a quick learner or an old user, you’ll enjoy the independence and control it gives you.When we have full control over hosting it make life much more comfortable…Well, liquid Web finally provides you with fabulous UI tools, and if you are not new to hosting you will be enjoying your journey with them. For the newbies, Liquid Web is not recommended by us.However, if you take your start from them, then you might never like other hosting services.Now next we are going to walk you through the method off connecting your domain and setting up your CDN.
  • Account Creating
Creating a new account with Liquid Web is fast and straightforward. The entire method shouldn’t take more than a few moments. We are going to walk you through it in our step-by-step guide.Although, you must wait for an essential confirmation call with a support engineer, and this can take anyplace within 30 minutes and a few hours. That is how Liquid Web handle there each customer prove it a reputable company. However, it can be slightly uncomfortable to talk to someone for just signing up for a hosting plan. 
  • Installing WordPress and Connecting Domain
Liquid Web provides to huge businesses who have their own IT specialists, but for this essential part of the setup process, it looks like the company isn’t considering its smaller clients into account.Which is why You need some professional knowledge here.Even though we have quite a satisfying experience with hosting but still I will say I feel completely lost during the first step with the tiny guideline and take some help from support.Therefore, if you are going to set everything on your own, then you must have experience in connecting domains and setting up CDN for completing this process.Although I did not find their dashboard helpful have a look at their Account Management dashboard:Well if you are not that experience, then it would be best if you plan on spending some time talking with support. Alternatively, reading the documentation provided by LiquidWeb. You have to understand how to configure your DNS records and perform some other professional tasks.If you’re not positive how to do this, you’ll find much help in my step-by-step guide.Even if you do have some professional background, wait to pay no less than 30 minutes on this. It will extend if you want to establish the Cloudflare CDN as well. 
  • Management Dashboard
Liquid Web provides you with one dashboard to maintain your account and other background settings. Another dashboard panel is known as your Managed WordPress Portal where you build and control your WordPress websites.These both separate dashboards are simple to use, and the Managed WordPress Portal is complete and flawless.Even it took us time to understand the whole setup, but I would like to say they have maintained everything very precisely.
  • WordPress Updates Automatically
keep checking if all of our Wordpress websites are up to date can be a sincere endeavor.Fortunately, Liquid Web takes care of that for you on the backend. While creating assured none of your plugins conflicts with each other, before they’re executed on a live website.Liquid Web also provides a tool to check after each update goes by nifty Visual Comparison Tool, so if there are any visual modifications to the website.This feature can easily be disabled or enable from your Managed WordPress Portal.
  • The Genuine for Uptime, but Not the Suitable for Speed
Liquid Web will never let your website down but don’t assume it to load with the fastest speed.If we have a significant impression from Liquid Web, it is one aspect that is performance. Moreover, it should be after all they are providing the same premium hosting to business clients.Liquid Web gives a 100% network and power uptime guarantee supported by an unusual of 1,000% return for downtime.Uptime records printed on the company’s website. According to the particular chart, there was just one month with downtime (June, with 99.84% uptime) throughout the whole year of 2018.Which is incredible, but uptime isn’t everything. We all know that our visitors aren’t going to sit around waiting for our site to load. We want it to load quick – fast.So we run a test page to see the result of what Liquid Web has to contribute in terms of speed.I was astonished to see that Liquid Web-only scored a grade A. Remember that the highest grade is A+ and other hosting’s achieve it instantly.Undoubtedly, this doesn’t change too much of a variation in terms of real loading times, with most U.S. areas loading within 200 and 500ms. Furthermore, I was awaiting a perfect score.Australia and Asia delivered pretty firmly, but this is the problem with most hosts. What was especially frustrating that Asia passed the two-second mark. That is the time where you begin to drop a considerable quantity of visitors. Now let break down to it live support…
  • Liquid Web Help Is Only Human
Liquid Web boastfully of its support on its website, ensuring 24/7 “100% human” maintenance, 365 a year. The company confirms answer rates of under 59 seconds for phone call pickups and live chat reply, and under 59 minutes for ticket support.There’s also a vast information base with step-by-step tutorials for just about everything.
  • Live Chat Support
As mentioned earlier my first communication with support came at the start when I couldn’t understand how to connect my domain with their hosting.I needed to get everything going, and I wanted a rapid answer, so I chose to get in touch with live chat support.Clicking on Chat (With A Human button) on Liquid Web’s website reveals a natural form you need to submit to beginChat supportMy initial response was excellent. So when I connected with a support agent who, undoubtedly, looked to be a human.Though, he misjudged my question at the beginning, which started to some trouble. He assumed I desired to move my domain and DNS  to Liquid Web alternatively of running it on my current register and just showing my nameservers to Liquid Web. Maybe I wasn’t clear completely, but it was insignificantly frustrating.To the human’s reputation, he held his calm, and ultimately attitude. Moreover, it gave me the explanation I was looking for, as well as links to complete guideline instructions.However, I preferred him to guide me himself.
  • Email/Ticket Support
My first communication with ticket support was also a little offhand.By the way, there respond to my email was super quick; it barely took five min from the time I email the inquiry.The next was that in the email, there were four separate sections to related documentation demonstrating how to sign up with Cloudflare and set up my install Wordpress.Think that I do not particularly appreciate though was they did not give any explanation about my issue just links.No, support agent help involved I was only supplied the various links and left to go by them on my own.However, for checking them, I send another email explaining how I was not able to follow up with their instruction.So for my luck this time they asked detail about my issue and for what plan I sign up for, and explain to me how to fix my problem. This email reply takes up to 40 mins but still fail to approach my first question.Well, humans make a mistake, or maybe this one is quite dumb too.Now let dive into their plans but before that let me give you great news our website support LiquidWeb coupon and you can enjoy 30% to 40% on your first three months. 
  • Premium Hosting
Liquid Web isn’t the economy host out there. The lowest plans are more expensive than the highest plans of many other hosts.The particular reason for this is that Liquid Web doesn’t target novice webmasters. Preferably, it concentrates on giving a robust and customizable base for companies on a massive range.A fascinating thing about Liquid Web’s hosting plans is that packages manage to be comprehensive, and the company doesn’t depend much on upsells. 
  • Cancellation and Refund
Sadly, Liquid Web doesn’t guarantee a refund for managed WordPress hosting.Nevertheless, they offer contract-free hosting, involving you can get a proportion refund for the unused part of your billing term. It applies only to the VPS packages, in all cases.While Liquid Web doesn’t make it clear how and where to cancel your hosting, I discovered that you’d need to apply a cancellation/non-renewal ticket to support.It also took about a day for my refund to be accepted. They are rough on their cancellation.Liquid Web is an excellent hosting provider in many honors. Despite, as it concentrates on medium to large businesses, it’s undoubtedly not the greatest host for everyone’s needs.In Liquid Web’s attempts to give more tech-savvy customers with the functionality they need, newcomers seem to the left behind. It determines if you’re brand-new to hosting, it can be much tougher and more time-consuming to perform easy responsibilities like connecting your domain.For more details visit their websiteSo know we are going to discuss which hosting is the best so far don’t worry that also depend on your need but we will give you ahead up… Conclusion:As it is clear know that Liquid Web wins because of their outstanding achievement, priceless protection features, and thunderbolt fast customer support response. There is no doubting that Liquid Web is worth the money.What your thought kindly leave a comment in the comment section we would like to hear from you.