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GreenWayDNA coupon codes

$10 Off on Greenway DNA Kit $149.99 !

$10 Off on Greenway DNA Kit $149.99 !

Greenway DNA Kit $149.99 !


GreenWay DNA Coupon Codes


GreenWay DNA Review 2022

In this era, many enterprises test your genes for the analysis of fitness and wellness. Yet, very few offer insights about your genetic leaning to medicinal cannabis. The GreenWay DNA Test works only one goal: to inform you of the ideal dosages and proportion of cannabis elements THC (psychoactive) and CBD (non-psychoactive) to treat diseases such as anxiety, insomnia, and pain. It is created by examining 20 genes and 40 genetic variants linked with cannabinoid and THC responses. In this new industry, there’s an excellent chance of personal knowledge from an own genetics view to help people find the most useful starting point for their dosage of different medicinal drugs, or CBD, or THC composites.

Where Was GreenWay DNA Founded?

GreenWay DNA is incorporated in Oregon, and GreenWay DNA owner began to work on the company well over two years ago. The idea of the organization was to work out a methodology for discovering the gene variants inside the individual endocannabinoid system that influence the functioning of that system and to improve that methodology at a clinical reporting level.

Why Is GreenWay DNA So Famous?

GreenWay DNA opens up a new trend in DNA test that delivers you a complete view of your endocannabinoid system. It is 1 of the first firms to propose such a test to recommend your perfect doses of CBD and THC (the active components of cannabis) to handle various situations such as insomnia, chronic pain, and stress.

What is endocannabinoid?

The endocannabinoid system is the cell-signaling system that performs a function in managing a broad spectrum of physical tasks such as sleep, appetite, mood, and memory. It’s vital in everyone’s body, yet if people don’t do cannabis. The two first cannabinoids in marijuana are THC (psychoactive) and CBD (non-psychoactive).

Why Should I consider it?

It will be helpful if you are curious about starting the cannabinoid method; however, dont know how to discover the right CBD and THC measurements for you. After all, people respond to certain chemical compounds uniquely. But the analysis is continuous, and GreenWay DNA intends in the future to discover the right doses for further conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy.

So How Do I Start?

Thye provides saliva Filled Tube Rather than Cheek Swab. The test is as simple as 1-2-3. Request the kit, assemble your DNA sample applying a simple cheek swab (and inject in the stabilizer solution), then relax and wait for information that your clinical level results are available.

  1. Place Your Order: Once you collect your kit, go to to complete the activation. Continue with the step by step guidance, and you’re on your way.
  2. Collect Your Sample: Use the given collection tube to collect your saliva, place the collection tube in the prepaid box, and drop it in the post.
  3. Get Your Results: You will receive your in-depth report and wallet dosage card in 2-4 weeks.
Three simple steps, wondering if this can be expensive, well, they provide discounts through GreenWay DNA discount code, GreenWay DNA promo code, GreenWay DNA coupon code. There are some actions quite technical like such as activating your kit online, but these are described in the directions that come with your package.

While the company’s homepage implies you’ll get your results in two to four weeks, some of the additional pages recommend a delay of six to eight weeks, which is a little confused. Both way, you’ll get a high-level report that’s simple to follow and act upon, plus a beneficial wallet-sized card with your advised doses to carry with you when you buy cannabis.

Find Out Your Ideal Dosage In Just Eight Weeks

Couple to four weeks after accepting the test (or six to eight weeks, depending on which part of the vendor’s website you agree), you’ll get your results by email. You get a good-looking, printable PDF split into two parts:

  • A high-level report, which reveals you your ideal dosage and proportion of THC and CBD for different situations
  • A more in-depth accurate report, which tells you the genes that held tested, and your modifications of these genes

GreenWay DNA Only Offer One Product With One Price

GreenWay DNA has everything manageable. There is one product at one price, which you can purchase with PayPal or any over the credit card. Although the checkout covers a drop-down menu of nearly every country for shipping, the company’s VP of Operations proved that the tests are currently only possible in the United States due to systems problems.

What Does GreenWay DNA Do Uniquely?

The First-ever company doing Endocannabinoid DNA Tests:

GreenWay DNA is a pioneer to propose this sort of test, which is covering the way to cannabis-based wellness discovered by DNA. This head start has enabled GreenWay DNA to improve its methodology, which includes testing 40 genetic exceptions.

Clinical Level Examination

While other names pretend to be just as good as clinical level examination, GreenWay DNA’s US labs are CLIA and CAP-certified for a genetic test. This exceptional level of systematic testing is significant if you are looking to make health and medical choices to enhance your life.

Wallet-Sized Card

The handy wallet-size card is also an excellent feature. You can use it with you when you go to purchase the THC or CBD to handle your health. The card covers various dosage suggestions for whether you are looking to anxiety, treat pain or insomnia.

One Report for all( Laymen and Medical Practitioners)

The first section of the report instantly explains the conclusions and suggests directions that can be performed quickly. The other part of the report gives more features of the underlying science. GreenWay DNA suggests reviewing your results with a pharmaceutical expert.

Data Control

Data security is fundamental. GreenWay DNA understands you should be smart to judge for yourself what data about you is saved, and where. This company ensures that “At GreenWay DNA, you are in 100% charge of selecting what data you desire them to save.” Greenway DNA Kit is USD 149.99, but you can get a further discount by using the GreenWay DNA discount code, GreenWay DNA promo code, GreenWay DNA coupon code.

You’ll Need to Wait for a Reply

You can simply communicate GreenWay DNA through its contact form, which we practiced to ask a question about whether the CBD results solely would be beneficial to a UK customer as THC-based products can’t be purchased. They reply to us three days later to tell that the tests are currently merely possible in the United States.

Summing up

Can Cannabis Improve Your Health?

New research about the possible health advantages of cannabis is interesting. If you’re looking to handle anxiety, insomnia, or chronic pain with cannabis, this test will assist you in getting started.

You get a report on your perfect dosage and proportion for CBD and THC, simultaneously with implications of how you can utilize it and where to get it from. Just keep in mind that this knowledge will only be helpful if you can purchase CBD-based products (acceptable) and THC-based in your homeland.  

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