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Evan-Moor Coupons

At Evan-Moor we help children learn. We have been operating since 1979. We produce material required for classrooms, home schools and at home enrichment material. The children benefiting from this have ages 4-14 or grades Pre 8th grade. Evan-Moor titles have been used in more than one million U.S. classrooms and over 90 countries globally. We provide more than 400 titles across subjects including arts, reading, writing, math, social studies etc. Our prints are also available in print and digital format. Grab from here the latest Evan-Moor Coupon code, Evan-Moor promo code, Evan-Moor discount code and Evan-Moor discount vouchers, discount coupon codes.

Evan-Moor was established in 1979. Further, we have been helping children learning. We are in creating materials for children’s classroom, homeschool. And also we provide at-home enrichment materials for children ages 4 – 14. Moreover, we provide for grades PreK-8th grade. Furthermore, we have been providing service to over one million U.S. classrooms and over 90 countries worldwide. In addition, We offer over 400 titles across subject areas including, writing, language arts, science, reading, math, social studies and the arts.

We offer all materials in print and digital format. And we adopt the latest standards and educational best practices in creating all stuff for children’s. We taking care in providing these education stuff in affordable prices. So, use Evan-Moor Coupons, Evan-Moor promo code, Evan-Moor discount code and Evan-Moor Coupon codes. These Evan-Moor Educational Publishers coupon code or Evan-Moor Educational Publishers coupon will provide discount on all purchasing.

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Evan-Moor Coupon code


Evan-Moor Coupons

EvanMoor Educational Publishers came into the market in 1979. It was launched by two colleagues named Joy Evans and Jo Ellen Moore when they first introduced a handwritten book to motivate the students in their classrooms. At that time the founders did not know that they are laying foundation for a successful publishing business in the market.

The idea initiated when the two colleagues were teaching together teaching in a Title I school in California in 1970. At that time they were developing their own supplemental resources to inspire students in their classroom to learn basic skills. After when they got rejection letters many times from various publishers, they published their first 6 titles.

Later the two were joined by the Joy’s brother, Bill Evans, and the trio founded EvanMoor Educational Publishers in the year 1979. Initially the publishing company was opened in the garage of the Bill and Joy’s parent’s house.

During the initial years of the company, Joy and Jo Ellen taught while Bill practiced Law.

The business progressed with year due to remarkable energy and enthusiasm of the three partners but Evan Moor left the business in 2012.

EvanMoor Educational Publishers has more than 500 titles including handwritten books as well as digital resources including e-books, e-enter kits, RTI resources and an interactive learning program for 1:1 learning models.  The business still thrives to develop resources and technologies with a clear vision of helping struggling children in the classrooms.

Mission of Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

The business aims to provide the educators with creative yet engaging Prek-8 to support the core curriculum of educational institutes.

The business aims to publish educational materials that are linked with the current standards and also the practices of educational institutes.  At the same time, it also aims to motivate children to take an interest in their curriculum books.

EvanMoor is a proud educational publisher which not only publishes materials that is motivating but also develops complex skills. It also develops a curiosity about those subjects which teaches that skills.

Now rather than going out in the market, it is simple to purchase an e-book from the comfort of your home. EvanMoor is the best online publishers where you can reach out and purchase your required curriculum book.  All you need to do is purchase an account at the EvanMoor. Right after your purchase your account, it is simple to download your e-book.

To get you account simply click on the Log In on the right top corner of your system’s screen. This takes you to Account Home Page.  From Account Home, you can select your E-book from the list under My E-Products. You can use these e-books in your class rooms.

Once you create an account, you can begin to enjoy the ease and convenience of personalizing your own account.  We also require an account for ordering.

With an EvanMoor account, you can:
  • Place your order online.
  • View your order history. Tired of searching through your inbox for your order information? Sign in and find your order history right away.
  • Track shipments. Know exactly when to expect your books and be ready for their arrival.
  • Access e-products.Makes it easy to access your e-books and courseware purchases

An EvanMoor e-book allows you to;Extract the content you went to study.Post lessons, tests and even answers keys on the website of class.Make extra PDF’s to share with remote students.Create a Power Point presentation.

For know more about EvanMoor e-books and video tutorials, you can visit the business given link 

These EvenMoore e-books are compatible with Mac or PC. The business recommends you to have the latest version of Adobe Reader to get the full potential of the E-book purchased.  Adobe Reader XI is fair enough, but a client is requested first to make sure if the EvanMoor e-book with the system they have. All EvanMoor e-books of the business are not refundable. Also there is no refund or exchange policy. In case of any assistance, you can always contact on the Call Customer service 1-800-777-4362, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Pacific Time. The EvanMoor customer representatives are happy to help you.

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Final Thoughts

In the world of publishing and printing curriculum books, EvanMoor Educational Publishers has a strong brand name. The publishing company was first introduced in market in 1979, by two colleagues. With constant efforts and energy, both partners took this home-started business to a new level.

Today EvanMoor has more than 500 titles including handwritten books as well as digital resources including e-books, e-enter kits, RTI resources and an interactive learning program for 1:1 learning models.

With EvanMoor coupons, EvanMoor discount codes and EvanMoor discount vouchers enjoy easy and fastest downloading of EvanMoor e-books.

Evan-Moor promo code