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EUKhost Coupon

EUKhost proposes a wide range of web hosting solutions. Like for organizations, designers, developers, individuals, and federal sector organizations, now serving more than 35,000 customers around the world. Despite whether you are searching for an own website or a cloud hosting solution for business. EUKhost has the facilities and technology to fulfill the best. In this article of review, we are going to clear some question about its services. Let see what they are offering on their website.

eUKhost Facts:

  1. Over 15 years appearance in the web hosting industry
  2. A rich and constantly-growing collection of web hosting services
  3. Hosting more than 35,000 customers and over 150,000 domains
  4. Serving public sector organizations across the UK
  5. Fully maintained web hosting provider
  6. Robust support backed by an in-house team of technical experts
  7. Over 1,200 servers housed in two ultra-modern data center facilities in the UK

Their Aim:

Since eUKhost established in 2001, their aim has continuously remained the same. To provide leading service and support to their customers, and they gain this through innovative technology and unmatched customer service. The entire team at eUKhost is wholly engaged in giving the very best service to our customer. THATS the difference they make. They operate a large number of
  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Cloud Hosting and
  • Dedicated Servers
Eukhost ltd used branded hardware from Intel, Dell, and HP to guarantee their servers are of the highest quality.

Eukhost support:

Their pride is their first class customer support. Their helpful and expert team are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, to troubleshoot any problems, you may be undergoing. Their team work on alternating time designs to ensure they provide their customers with regular service and support. When we say 24 x 7 support, we genuinely mean 24 x 7 support. There will always be a member of staff ready to assist you.

Eukhost Technology Status:

Its crucial to have a reliable web hosting for your business or organization website. Their technology is really what sets them apart from other companies. Their web servers are settled in world-class data centers. Eukhost status with advanced feature repetition, physical security, and many fast network connections. This ensures that They provide the most secure web hosting environment achievable. Moreover, it also delivers your content and web pages at lightning fast speeds. Their state-of-the-art data centers are established in Wakefield, Maidenhead, and Nottingham.

Services Quality:

They boastfully say there are unquestionably no hidden charges with any of their products or services. The price you see is the price you pay. Because they are so confident about the product quality. So they provide 30-day money back guarantee with the majority of our products. As a customer, you have access to their expert and knowledgeable technical support team. Available via live chat, helpdesk, phone, and on their community forum. They provide all of these contact options so you can always choose the contact route that is most suitable for you.

However, this is what you get from their websites with details about their plans. But how much it is true keep reading to find about their actual services and are they worth it.

  • What do they offer?
EUKhost has a vast range of packages, from a site builder right up to private cloud provision.   Linux and Windows hosting are available.The former can be acquired with eukhost cpanel, or as a pure eukhost WordPress hosting package. Both programs can be bought as a shared hosting plan, or as a reseller. WordPress plans are priced based on storage and size, rather than the number of visits per month. eUKhost’s site builder is called Amazing Website.

There’s a free hosting plan, but it only enables you to build a single page site. If you need up to 5 pages, you’ll need to pay for the Personal plan. For unlimited users, the Business and Enterprise plans offer premium support, unlimited emails, and PayPal integration. VPS and dedicated servers come with Windows and Linux too, and all dedicated servers are fully trained. If you choose a dedicated plan, be sure to check that your chosen storage is selected. Both HDD and SSD are possible.

Cloud hosting boasts a 100% uptime guarantee, and your server can be set up with a choice of Linux-based distributions, Windows 2008, or Windows 2012. You can design your package with either cPanel or Plesk, uptime monitoring, and optional remote backup provision


The Advanced plan gives you 20GB storage and unlimited databases for a monthly £6.66 ($9.30). Windows hosting is available, and unusually, theres no significant price premium. For example, the Intermediate Windows plan comes with 50GB storage, unlimited bandwidth,eukhost SSL, and support for hosting three domains.

But still costs only £4.99 ($6.99) a month. Its a similar story across the range, with VPS plans starting from £12.99 ($18.20) a month Budget dedicated servers starting at £69.99 ($97.99). And Windows is again available for little or no extra cost. But you can get a discount through eukhost discount code. Great options include Business Web Hosting with a 100% uptime SLA, priced at £16.99 ($18.20) per month.

We've seen other hosts make similar claims, but eUKhost seems more confident than most. It promises that if you have even a minute of downtime(eukhost down) in a calendar month caused by a network or hardware failure. Youll be given one month of hosting for free. Splash out on hosting add-ons, and the bill could begin to mount. Some companies throw in a website builder, for instance, but eUKhost charges an annual £20 ($28).

Dedicated IPs are more reasonably priced at £33.60 ($47) a year. Though (GoDaddy charges £59.88 or $84 for the sake of comparison), and overall eUKhost is better value than most. A 30-day money-back guarantee is on hand if you find the service doesnt work for you, though it has all the usual hosting restrictions. It doesnt cover domain registrations, and wont apply to dedicated servers.

We saw nothing out of the ordinary or surprising, but if youre concerned, browse the small print yourself before you buy. Keep in mind our site promote eukhost promotional code.

Customer support:

eUKhost offers what looks like a high level of support, with live chat, telephone, email, a web knowledge base, and a customer forum available for all users. We tried out the live chat, were connected to an operator in under a minute, and tested him with a question about the User - not in CageFS error wed just encountered. He requested our account name, reported that he could change versions from his end, and asked for a screenshot. After about 15 minutes of discussion, he suggested the MultiPHP Manager workaround but didn't offer any explanation for the CageFS error or indicate whether the issue might affect other areas of cPanel.

That wasn't a bad performance – we were able to switch PHP versions, after all – but we would have preferred the error to be fixed (or at least addressed), too. The customer forums werent quite as active. Okay, they were rubbish, with very few questions and answers posted, and many of those were almost entirely irrelevant. (Example: the second message on the Web Designing, Scripting, and Development forum was a 10-month-old question What is Google Lens?).

We switched back to the support team, this time using the toll-free 0800 phone number. The support line was just one voice menu away, our call was answered on the second ring, and a helpful agent dealt with our (more straightforward, this time) product question. eUKhost also provides a searchable knowledgebase containing hundreds of articles organized into various categories. The knowledgebase displays summaries of a few articles from each category, but these didnt seem very well chosen.

Would you expect the top article in the Cloud Hosting section to be titled I'm in the cloud, do I still need to back up my servers? Moreover, can you believe that How to add Skype Share button for your WordPress website is the most popular or essential CMS Hosting article? Because we cant. Searching on keywords gave us occasional successes, but many more failures. Search results were poorly organized, articles didn't highlight the products they were describing (Linux hosting, Windows, website builder, something else), the content was often primary and sometimes out of date.

That's not good news, but with responsive live chat and phone support on hand, these website failings aren't as significant as they might have been. We completed our review with some necessary performance tests. Our server was located in the UK, as promised, with a very reasonable 30ms response time for UK visitors and 100-150ms from the US. eUKhosts claimed 99.5% minimum uptime on budgets plans may be an issue – that could translate to more than three hours of downtime per month – but otherwise, the service delivered the performance we would expect from a budget shared hosting plan.

eUKhost Foundation:

All of eUKhost’s data centers are located in the UK, and it currently has around 1,200 servers spread over three sites. It uses one facility in Wakefield, relatively close to its main headquarters, plus two facilities further south in Maidenhead and Nottingham. This alone will give eUKhost an advantage over hosts that only offer US-based data storage.

Final verdict:

This is good value hosting for simple personal projects, but our user-related cPanel error and supports failure to deal with it left us unsure about using eUKhost for more critical websites. Customers that require UK web hosting will likely be attracted to eUKhost. Unlike some competitors, the company genuinely uses UK-only data-centers, and should, therefore, provide good speeds for a UK audience.

Although it’s a relatively small host, its longevity and range of packages suggest a commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, 24/7 support is quite rare in the UK; eUKhost has leveraged its Indian presence well in ensuring there’s always someone on hand to help. EUKhost limited time promo code for new clients. Cut the cost of facilitating at eukhost coupon with our limited time promo code.

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