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This online platform is created for professionals, and is formulated with the highest quality botanical actives and ingredients to give the best performance.

The time, Beverly Hills stepped in to the market, there were no up to the standard plant-based products in the market that would deliver satisfactory results. The Beverly Hills entered the market with natural products and a marvelous response. The business was asked to develop natural formulas for the world’s top cosmetics surgeons and dermatologists who need the ultimate products for skin regulating. The plant-based products of the business were launched in the market after 30 years of research. The EMK Beverly Hills products are made for lifetime results naturally.

The founder of Beverly Hills named Dr Emilia Karsh was a natural beauty pioneer. In 1970, one of her closest friend was burnt so poorly, so she decided to and EMK’s legendary skin products.

Who is Emilia Karsh?


EMK Beverly Hills was established under the influence of determined Professor Emilia Karsh who builds her career in improving the health and beauty of the human skin. She attained a PHD in science, and is a pioneer in exploring new ingredients that are sure act as best anti-aging products.

Agave Bioplacenta. The bio-compatible agave plant cell is now at the heart of every product. This ingenious plant healer hydrates, soothes, softens, nourishes and carries skin-revitalizing actives into the deepest layer of the dermis. “The agave plant developed this incredible molecule to help it thrive in the harshest environments and helps the skin to heal”. Says the vice president of EMK.

Each product of the business comes with a blend of nutrient-dense botanical actives, free-radical-fighting antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. These products are made from the extracts of almost 150 plants. The magical ingredients include sea buckthorn, rosehip, chamomile, ginseng, hawthorn, sage, reishi mushroom, mango, cucumber, and rosemary.

The Beverly Hills products are designed in every possible way to let you give a healthy skin.


The ingredients of the EMK Beverly Hills’s products are its key components of the success. The business use high concentrations of plant extracts, many certified organic, with advanced peptide and epigenetic technology.  The products are also processed to the minimal, which makes them also safe to use. They have naturally skin healing properties and work in a synergy to rebalance and protect the complexion and, our minimally processed formulations allow each plant’s natural healing properties to remain active and balance the complexion no matter what ever your skin type is.

Ingredients glossary

In ancient times, people would use plants not only for medicines but also for making their skin and hair good. The core items of the EMK Beverly Hills are focused on anti-aging and help the skin flourish and glow. It gives a bright and healthy looking skin. It creates synchronization between the natural, organic and vegetal ingredients and the business Bioplacenta and Synercell delivery system to enhance the beauty of your skin more than ever. 

The EMK Bravely Hills skin products contain the ingredients that directly act on your skin not only to give it a glow but also make you look longer than your age.

What else can the EMK Bravely Hills products do for you?

It can:

·     Give glow to your skin

·     Makes your skin clear

·     It gives your skin a smooth texture

·     Suppleness and nourishes your skin

·     Even tone for your skin

·     Removes the fine lines or wrinkles

·     Evens the skin tone

·     Uplift your sacked skin

The EMK Bravely Hills products contains over 60 different natural fruits and plants extractions that are selected with special care.

Some of the key products are

·     Shea butter

·     Cucumber

·     RoseMary

·     Lemon grass

·     Vitamin A –Retinol

·     Licorice Root

·     Vitamin C

·     Vitamin E

·     Vitamin K

·     Mango seed butter

·     Sage leaf

·     Avocado

·     Ginger

·     Mulberry

·     Apricot kernel

·     Sea Kelp

·     Hyaluronic Acid

·     Collagen

·     Coca Bean

·     Mimosa Tenuiflora

·     Sea Buckthorn  fruit oil

·     Jojoba seed oil

·     Chamomile

·     Peptides

·     Vanilla

·     Sage seeds

·     Aloe vera

·     Spearmint

·     Coltsfoot

·     Oatkernal extract

·     Lime tree flower

·     Grape seed

·     Apple

·     Sunflower seed

·     Sogo

·     Garden cress sprouts

·     Non-GMO corn

·     Soy

·     Brown Algae

·     Coconut

·     Wheat germ

·     Seabuckthorn

·     Lemon peel

·     Clove leaves

·     Palm seeds

·     Almond

·     Elastin

·     Start anise

·     Shitake mushroom

·     Tea tree leaf

·     Salicylic acid

·     Lotus flower

·     Argan oil

·     Rapeseed

·     Black olive

·     Safflower

·     Rosehip

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