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Ekster Wallet Review 2022

The perfect wallet hunt looks like something that never ends. What traditionally used for cash and coins now carries more cards and is not much. And there is a thin wallet crucial for those who wear thinly cut pants. But what if we can get a smart wallet with GPS on the same price as any ordinary wallet, yes it is right. While looking for a new stylish wallet, I stumble upon the company making a smart cardholder and the smart wallet.

We decided to review this company, and just like other companies, we order a smart wallet for men. And if you are into new tech like a wallet with built-in tracker, you might like it, so keep reading. Remember, you can use ekster promo code, ekster discount code, and ekster coupon codes from our website CouponFond.


Ekster is a smart wallet company, and the name is after the word Magpie, a passionate, deceptive intelligent bird for collecting and storing bright things in Dutch. Like Magpie’s spirit, Ekster wallets wanted to create excellent attractive products with hidden technology to protect critical daily valuables. All the products in their collection from the first trackable wallet followed this theme.

Three years after the mechanical wallet viral launch, ekster wallets became the world’s largest smart wallet brand, with products sold at 100 stores from Macy to Amazon. They make all kinds of varieties like pop up card wallet, tracking wallet, slim smart wallet, ultra-slim wallet, and aviador wallet, wallet with card slider, automatic wallet, and automatic pop up cardholder.

We decided to review this company, and just like other companies, we order a smart wallet for men. And if you are into new tech like a wallet with built-in tracker, keep reading. So for this review, we order all-time famous Ekster’s Parliament Wallet, one of the most purchased products on amazon. The wallet contains a thin profile with several stylish features baked. And at $ 80, this unusual wallet is very reasonable. Well, we were able to get in 50$ Dollar with the ekster wallet discount code.

Appearance and Design:

We order Ekster Classic Brown because it is a handsome wallet.

  • The leather is flexible and looks like rich, melted chocolate pouring into a wallet shape.
  • The accents in the wallet are all black, which gives it a good look. I also like the minimum marking amount except for Ekster’s logo on the bottom right of the wallet face.
  • The mainboard compartment is made of aluminum and can hold up to six credit cards, reached by a trigger-like button on the wallet’s bottom left. Even with an open money clip, it cannot be easy to reach the card you want.
  • This small trigger makes it easy to choose any card, removing your cards from the sleeve in a soft descending order.
  • There is an elastic band that wraps cash, receipts, or other delicate items on the outside of the case. This component will seem unnecessary, but it is highly appreciated.
  • Now, as most people rarely carry cash, but it happens from time to time (for example, my barber is only cash), so I like having the option if it turns out.
  • There are three more pockets for storage: two inside the front cover and one on the back.
  • Ekster sent the tracking chip that should live behind the case and left two spaces to fill you. With the monitoring chip, the Ekster Parliament turns into a stylish leather smart wallet.

Now, Drawbacks:

  • For starters, it might be a bit heavy for a thin wallet. Even if the case is metal, it won’t expand when you add a card or six cards, the rest of the wallet will start to bulk up when you start adding something.
  • The solar panel tracker is thin, but still a little thicker than a credit card.


The wallet worked favorably than imagined, even after trying to pull the trigger, using it again and again. The tracker is suitable for those who tend to lose things as the ekster wallet app is incredible. Additional slots are unnecessary, but they can come in handy if you cannot connect up to six cards. Plus, the wallet looks pretty darn good in the hand, and that’s great. With the ekster coupon, you can get these great wallets at quite regular prices.

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. How does delivery work?
Your order must be delivered to you within two business days. Delivery time depends on the service you have chosen and your chosen destination.
  • United States: 2 – 5 business days
  • The rest of the world: 10 – 15 business days
  1. Which countries do you ship to?
It’s easier to say which countries they do not ship to! Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba, Bouvet Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, Christmas Island, Coconut (Keeling) Islands, Cuba, Cyprus, Southern French Territories, Guernsey, Heard, and MacDonald Island, Holy See (Vatican City State), Iran, Isle of Man, Jersey, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Niue, Norfolk Island, Myanmar, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Panama, Pitcairn, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Helena, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre, and Miquelon, Sudan, South Sudan, Sint Maarten, Svalbard, And Jan Mayen, Syria, Tokelau, Small remote islands of the USA, Wallis and Futuna, Western Sahara, Yemen.
  1. Was your tracking information more than four business days before shipping?
Please contact them as soon as possible at There may be a problem with the pick-up service, which they will look at.
  1. What about customs fees?
Additional duties and taxes may apply depending on the destination chosen. Although this is unlikely, please note that Ekster is not responsible and does not reimburse these costs.


If you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase, you can return your product for a full refund within 14 days or replacement/replenishment of the store within 60 days from the receipt of your order. More information about your case can be found on their website. The return must be unused, in the condition in which you received it, and in the original packaging. Please note that leather is genuine and subject to signs of use, so be careful when testing their products if you intend to return it. Stretched or scratched leather is not considered suitable for return.

  1. What items cannot be returned?
  • Replacement product
  • Gifts
  • Products purchased from third parties (e.g., IndieGoGo, Amazon, eBay, etc.)
  • Items purchased with ekster coupons on (e.g., Cyber ??Monday, Black Friday, etc.)
  • Products purchased with Sweat coin
  • Any orders below $ 50 (not including shipping costs)

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