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DJO Global believes in Powering Motion. Further, we are working with philosophy “to get and keep people moving”. Because we know that activity is the key to living a healthier lifestyle. And also better treatment outcomes, and improved healthcare economics for all. We offer all on reasonable prices. So use DJO Global coupons, DJO Global promo code along with DJO Global discount code and DJO Global coupon codes.

Furthermore, we have everything to speed up your recovery. We offer solutions from knee, thigh, and elbow to the neck. And also for calf, and hip. Moreover, we provide therapeutic healing tools for every known part of the human body. In addition find with us the braces and supports for joints and casts for fractures and more. These products and tools do more than for speed healing. Further, get these best quality tools on low prices with DJO Global coupon, and DJO Global coupon codes. DJO coupon are best for great savings.

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DJO Global coupon codes

DJO® Global CouponsDJO® Global Inc aims to enable people to live their lives to the fullest by providing the world, intelligent medical devices and services from injury prevention to rehabilitation.DJO® Global Inc took its start from a garage in California by the mutual partnership of two friends. Since then it has evolved into a billion-dollar company. Currently it has more than 5000 employees in more than a dozen locations around the world.


The company is a joint venture of two friends and was first launched in 1978, by Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line captain Mark Nordquist and lawyer Ken Reed. At the time of its foundation, it was bases in Carlsbad, California garage. The company was named after the after the names of the wives DonJoy, of two partners Donna and Joy.

First product of DJO® Global

The first products of the company were simple support sleeves constructed of neoprene pieces that were stitched together and pulled over the knee, ankle and elbow joints. This would give support for movements.

Further interventions

In 1980, the company extended its product line with the introduction of off-the-shelf rigid knee support device called the 4-point knee brace.The modern era of sports medicine was in its early childhood, and products of DonJoy’s became in high demand. So for the next two decades, the small business grew rapidly.
  • The London-based medical devices conglomerate Smith & Nephew acquired the growing company and bought DonJoy for $20 million- 1987
  • DonJoy acquired ProCare , a leading orthopedic soft goods company-1995
  • DonJoy was generating approximately $100 million in annual revenues- late 1990’s
  • The DonJoy management team arranged a leveraged buyout and changed the name from DonJoy to DJ Orthopedics- 1999
Over the next several years, DJO Global expanded at an extraordinary rate, acquiring all or shares of 7  new companies in the market. These were; Depuy®* soft goodsOrthologic®* bone growth stimulationDurakold cold therapy productsAxmed superior medical equipmentEncore® orthopedic soft goodsAir cast® bracing and support devicesIn 2006 the company changed its name to DJO Global, to better reflect its product line.In 2007 the Blackstone Group purchased DJO®. From the past few years, the company has acquired many of its overseas distributors in key markets of Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Tunisia. These strategic acquisitions allow the DJO® Global almost total control over the sales and distribution of its products in the more than three dozen countries it is facilitating. Currently DJO® Global continues to grow its product portfolio with strategic acquisitions, including Bell-Horn®, Elastic Therapy, and Dr. Comfort®.In the first four months of 2019, Colfax Corporation, a publicly-traded, diversified technology company, acquired DJO® as the starting point of their latest strategic growth platform in the healthcare sector.

Product Categories of DJO Global

The globally expanded company provides the products in the following categories


Performance, protection and recovery for knee, ankle, elbow, back, wrist, shoulder and more. The DJO Global heating pad is one the highly demanded product for the company.

·       SURGICAL

These high quality products not only improve quality of life but also restore movement.

·       RECOVERY

The DJO Global recovery products helps in bone growth stimulation, rehabilitation, pain management and healing.

·       FOOTCARE

The company is one of the well-known providers of footwear for the diabetic patients.


A consultative approach to customized DME solutionsA patient can select the product according to the injured body part he is seeking comfort for;Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Spine, Hand/wrist, and Foot/ankle.

Brands of DJO  Global

You must have heard of the following brands
  • Aircast®
  • Aspen®
  • CMF Chattanooga®
  • Compex® DJO
  • Surgical® DVT
  • DonJoy®
  • Exos®
  • Fast Freeze®
  • Germ War®
  • ProCare®
  • Saunders®

How to get coupons of DJO® Global

The company values it customers and want them to stay for life time. The latest DJO®  Global Voucher codes, DJO®  Global promo codes, DJO®  Global discount codes, DJO®  Global discount vouchers, and DJO®  Global coupon codes are available at company’s official website.What you have to do is, click on Get Code & Get Deal button by giving a visit at official page. If a DJO® Global coupon is not functional, then try other DJO® Global coupon list given on the site and get your required DJO Global products.

How to contact

 The DJO® Global can be reached any time for
  • Order tracking
  • Return process
  • Or any other query

·       Main Phone


·       Customer Service


·       Investor Relations


·       Media Inquiries 

·       Office Care


·       Main Fax


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Our verdict

Starting from a home garage, the DJO® Global   has become an international brand.

If you are seeking for medical devices and services from injury prevention to rehabilitation, everything is here you will get.

Although DJO® Global reviews tell us that the global company has acquired other businesses too but the company has not compromised on its high quality products and services to its customers. It aims to let the patients enjoy life to the fullest leaving behind their injuries and sorrows.

A The DJO® Global review says that it has products in all categories; from Hip to knee and shoulders.

The DJO® Global coupons are available at the company’s official website so that you can get the needed DJO Global heating pad or other products.