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About Cross

  AT Cross Corporation, LLC. It is a US manufacturing association of composing actualizes, situated in province, Rhode Island. It is one of the large amount established pen makers on the planet. Cross’ items incorporate wellspring, ballpoint, and roller ball pens, automatic pencils & tops off. The organization likewise fabricates embellishments for those products, (for example, cases, and wallets).

The association is additionally the proprietor of Shaffer, another pen producer, since 2014. It at first produced gold and silver housings for pencils, mirroring the Cross family ancestries as diamond setters. The association was established by Richard Cross, who gave it to his child, Alonzo T. Cross. The organization created numerous imaginative new composing instruments, including forerunners of the cutting edge mechanical pencils, and the most punctual stylographic pens.

During the 1960s, the organization moved its base camp to a considerable office (around 155,000 square feet) in Lincoln, Rhode Island. After exchanging on the NASDAQ for a long time (under the now-old image ATX), the organization was sold in 2013 to Clarion Capital Partners, LLC, yet it held its base camp in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The Sheaffer pen organization was gained by AT Cross in 2014.

In May 2016, with its central station in Lincoln getting excessively enormous, the organization acknowledged a lot of duty credits and motivators in return for moving its base camp to Providence, Rhode Island. The new central command, estimating around 4200 square feet, is situated at The Foundry, the previous Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Company Complex at 299 Promenade Street in Providence.

Most representatives were moved to the new area by October 2016. On November 16, 2017, Transom Capital Group, LLC reported that it had purchased the benefits of AT Cross Company.

Presidential pens Cross has been an official provider of pens to the White House ever since in any event the 1970s. The pens used for sign enactment are frequently specified out as memento to the individuals who go to the bill signings. While an official Cross–White House program was started under President Bill Clinton, it is realized that the custom returns to at any rate the organization of Gerald Ford.

All presidents from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump marked enactment utilizing Cross pens; it is obscure if prior presidents did as such. Obama, George W. Hedge, and Clinton supported the Cross Townsend model; Obama later changed to the Century II model in dark veneer, with a dark medium point top off. The Trump organization submitted an underlying request for 150 Cross Century II pens in January 2017. Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo signs state laws utilizing Cross pens.


Cross is notable for its composing instrument lines, starting with mechanical pencils, and it created the first stenographic (an innovative precursor of the cutting edge ballpoint pen) pens in 1879. The present product offering incorporates wellspring pens, ballpoint pens, gel pens, and mechanical pencils. The main Cross wellspring pens were likely created in 1930, however not again until the 1980s.

Cross composing instruments are commonly sold in the mid-scope of the market, instead of the extreme extravagance end. Most Cross composing instruments are presently made in China, albeit a portion of the work for modified pens for presidents and legislators is done in New England.

The organization likewise produces a scope of wristwatches, sleeve fasteners, work area extras, and calfskin products, for example, pen cases, portfolios, and different things regularly focused on the blessing market. In late 1997, Cross and IBM collaborated to present an advanced composing cushion, called the Cross Pad, which was ceased in 2004.

Business Gifts

Reward, Recognize and Motivate with Cross

Cross is perceived and confided in worldwide for its unmistakable style and prevalent quality item. Cross extravagance composing instruments and single frill have for some time been images of accomplishment and accomplishment. They are the ideal method to show gratefulness and regard for esteemed customers and associates.

Cross’ fine craftsmanship, the item ensures, and dependable assistance guarantee that regard and acknowledgement will keep on being passed on long after the blessing is given. The jeweler-quality meaningful beautification, personalization, & attractive blessing bundling enhance the presentation and intrigue of these most prestigious acknowledgements.

From weeks ahead of time to absolute a minute ago, from your littlest nearby merchant to your most significant worldwide record, from 5 pens to 5000, they offer a determination of our best pens and frill with stock and deliverability as reliable as the items themselves. Give acknowledgement, give extravagance, and give Cross. Think its too expensive to use, apply Cross Promo code for discount.

Engraving and gift wrapping

Custom Engraving

Cross offers custom etching on the majority of their items. Their in-house, talented etchers use best in class gear and work to the most demanding benchmarks for unrivalled etching quality. The final product is a customized composing instrument, watch or frill of the most excellent that is unrivalled in craftsmanship or tender loving care. At the point when you select beautification, you make a genuinely unique piece for yourself, a companion or a friend or family member. A decision of etching styles is accessible for most items, including square, content, euro, and Contempo.

Pens and Pencils

Their expert engraving services are available for the vast majority of their pens and pencils. Names or messages are limited in character length and placement. Engraving styles include block, script, euro, and Contempo.

Leather Accessories

Personalize one of their beautiful leather accessories. Most pieces can be imprinted up to three characters in block letters. Engraving services are available for select pens, watches, and accessories only. The choice of available engraving styles, number of engraving lines, and the maximum number of characters per line varies from product to product. They do not accept returns on any engraved items for refunds or merchandise exchanges.

They will accept customized items for repair under their warranty policy as described in the warranty section of the site. If you already own an AT Cross product and would like to have it engraved by their expert engravers, you may send your item to them, and they will engrave it for a small fee. Please send a check for $8.95 (for shipping and handling) plus $9.95 per line of engraving to their address, along with specific engraving instructions.

Gift Wrapping and Hand-Written Gift Card

Gift wrapping is available for a majority of products purchased on If requested, your gift will arrive with their silver gift wrap and their seasonal ribbon. To add the perfect finishing touch, they also offer a personalized gift card, hand-written with your message to the recipient. If you would prefer to write your note, simply request a blank gift card with your purchase.

Replacement Parts

Refills and Ink

Genuine Cross refills ensure the optimal performance of your Cross writing instrument. is the most natural, most convenient place to purchase the complete line of genuine Cross refills, and with their new reduced shipping rates on low-cost domestic orders, is the ultimate source for refills and ink. They provide:

  • Ballpoint Refills
  • Gel Ink Refills Cartridges
  • Bottled Ink
  • Pencil Leads & Erasers
  • PDA Stylus Refills

Replacement Nibs

Fountain pen nibs are now available for purchase on Over 80 replacement nibs of varying styles and widths are offered For Cross Townsend, Century II, and ATX fountain pens. Note: Replacement nibs include the entire front section of the pen, and are designed and developed for Cross fountain pens only. They provide:

  • ATX Nibs
  • Century II Nibs
  • Cross Townsend Nibs

Ink Converters

Their Fountain pen converters are available in screw-in and push-in models. Screw-in style converters are for Century II and ATX fountain pens. Push-in converters are for Cross Townsend fountain pens. Fountain pen converters enable the use of bottled ink in place of fountain pen ink cartridges.

Product Support

Ballpoint Pens

Refill retracts into the barrel (loose refill) Turn the cap counterclockwise to retract refill point. Remove cap and tighten refill clockwise.

Tarnished finish

Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation.

Sprung clip

Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation.

Loose cap fit

Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation.

Refill does not perform

Return to Cross Consumer Relations Department for evaluation. Select Pens Tarnished finish Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation.

Sprung clip

Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation.

Loose cap fit

Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation.

Refill does not perform

Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation.

Fountain Pens

Tarnished finish

Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation. Sprung clip Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation.

Loose cap fit

Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation.

Leaking near nib

Return to Cross Service Department for evaluation.

Poor ink flow (dirty feed system)

Soak nib and front section overnight in lukewarm water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. The following day, clean thoroughly with a converter.

Nib damaged (unit dropped)

Not covered under warranty. Return unit for replacement pricing or purchase a replacement nib online. Cross voucher, Cross discounts and Cross coupon code for buying from their website. Article: Reviewed Readability Score: 52 Plagiarism: 30%  

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