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Checks SuperStore is leading organization to buy all your checks & accessories. As one of the largest online check suppliers, we are committed about offering the best check collection found anywhere. We are in this printing business from more than 30 years, you will be joining one of today’s most experienced companies in the business. We work with and support websites of all sizes. Find here best Checks Superstore coupons and Checks Superstore promo codes, Checks Superstore coupon code and Checks Superstore discount code.

Checks SuperStore Coupons & Deals

We give great value to our customers. So, we are firmly commitment to provide the significant discounts on every check design. Checks SuperStore offers high-quality business and personal checks to all customers on very competitive prices. Enjoy the heavy discount to enter the Checks Superstore coupons and Checks Superstore coupon codes, Checks Superstore discount vouchers and deals at checkout.

Checks SuperStore is at expert level in managing the operational costs towards lower end. That saved amount, we always pass on to customers in form of special deals and promo codes. Furthermore, We give priority to provide the best best value to customers on their every purchase. That’s why, we guarantee the high quality of check printing to meet all security standards needed for financial institutions.

Checks SuperSore’s parent company has been in business since 1922, a bank check supplier. Our systems and processes are highly secure to meet the security standards in the industry. You will feel confident about the security and a premium experience at a budget price. In addition, always use Checks Superstore coupons and promo codes for additional savings.

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Checks Superstore Review


The firm exchanges a total of 78 styles of standard business checks divided into six divisions, and seven types of computer checks divided into five sections.

Customers are entitled to customize the checks, including in sessions of the font, signature lines, and by picking logos that can be added to the checks.

Checks can be matched with “Fraud Armor,” a fraud prevention service that helps you get your documents, funds, and checks if you fall victim to fraud.

Fraud Armor is one of the security measures the company provides to its customers. The company also sells a wide range of business accessories that can help you stock up for your business.

Who has the best personal checks?

Despite the tendency to pay digitally for many things, personal checks are part of today’s financial transactions.

The number of places where personal checks have worked has remained consistent over the years, from babysitters who are not old enough to accept payment by PayPal.

Many people are aware that getting personal checks directly from the bank or credit union is not only dull but also more expensive if you want your own controls that reflect your style.

Customized with your favorite sports team, pickup material, or even photos of your pet or grandchildren – or want to make money, pick up your checks from a reputable online company’s time to go.

Positive review:

Although Checks Superstore is not a family name, its parent companies (Harland Clarke) have been operating since 1922. And their Better Business Bureau rating is A+ you can be sure of this company.

Check Styles and Add-ons:

Manual checks: Those can be handwritten, and on Checks Superstore, there are 78 styles of manual checks divided into six kinds, including high-security manual checks, 3 to a page checks, 3 to a page register checks, desk register checks, desk checks, and payroll and voucher checks.

Laser checks: Computer checks, also known as Laser checks, you can standardize these up on a computer, and run them through a printer. This style leads to giving your checks a more expert presentation.

Payroll checks: These checks are for accounting. They come with payroll check stumps to assist you to keep a transparent overview of your wages.

High-Security Checks: Checks Superstore offers both high-security manual checks and high-security computer checks. These checks involve 25 security points, though all of the checks exchanged by Checks Superstore carry a long list of security means.


Users can purchase checks in various package sizes, starting at 252 and reaching a maximum of 2,000 checks. The most significant orders start at $ 256.99 for 1,512 checks and can contact $ 359.99 for 2,000 checks. See the pricing table below for more details. But you can also use checks superstore promo code and checks superstore coupon code, checks superstore coupons, checks superstore discount codes.

High-security general-purpose manual checks
  • 252 checks – $68.99
  • 504 checks – $115.99
  • 1008 checks – $175.99
High-security safety business register checks
  • 252 checks – $75.99
  • 504 checks – $115.99
  • 1008 checks – $175.99
General-purpose three to a page checks
  • 252 checks – $44.99
  • 504 checks – $60.99
  • 1008 checks – $106.99
Safety general purpose three to a page
  • 252 checks – $39.99
  • 504 checks – $53.99
  • 1008 checks – $92.99
Three to a page register checks
  • 252 checks – $50.99
  • 504 checks – $69.99
  • 1008 checks – $120.99
Safety business register checks
  • 252 checks – $48.99
  • 504 checks – $65.99
  • 1008 checks – $115.99
Business register checks
  • 252 checks – $35.99
  • 504 checks – $44.99
  • 1008 checks – $76.99
Desk checks
  • 252 checks – $30.99
  • 504 checks – $52.99
  • 1008 checks – $92.99
Desk register checks
  • 252 checks – $42.99
  • 504 checks – $67.99
  • 1008 checks – $119.99
Payroll checks
  • 252 checks – $42.99
  • 504 checks – $58.99
  • 1008 checks – $102.99
High-security laser checks
  • 250 checks – $94.99
  • 500 checks – $123.99
  • 1,000 checks – $182.99
High-security laser checks (check-in middle and check on top)
  • 250 checks – $109.99
  • 500 checks – $129.99
  • 1,000 checks – $167.99
High-security laser voucher – check on top/middle.
  • 250 checks – $109.99
  • 500 checks – $129.99
  • 1,000 checks – $167.99
Laser voucher – check on top/middle.
  • 250 checks – $48.99
  • 500 checks – $68.99
  • 1,000 checks – $92.99
High-security laser three to a page
  • 250 checks – $94.99
  • 500 checks – $123.99
  • 1,000 checks – $182.99
Laser business checks three to a page
  • 250 checks – $32.99
  • 500 checks – $45.99
  • 1,000 checks – $67.99
Laser wallet checks
  • 250 checks – $32.99
  • 500 checks – $45.99
  • 1,000 checks – $68.99


Checks Superstore guarantees the security of your checks with a load of security measures.Which these are:
  • Check safe supportive (prevent duplication of the reverse of your check)
  • A padlock logo (assures security measures comply with Financial Stationers Association guidelines)
  • MP stamp mark (shows micro print presence to recognize the copy)
  • And chemically fine-tuned paper (stops anyone from replacing the check text with chemicals).
The Checks Superstore website also includes the McAfee Secure Trustmark; this means that it has been wholly scanned for malware, spam, and other threats. The company also uses SSL encryption on its website.

Besides, the Checks Superstore sells several “high security” controls, with an additional 25 safety features not found in standard controls.

Payment options

Checks Superstore accepts Superstore Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. You can only pay by electronic check if you are a re-order customer.


Checks Superstore is specially designed for businesses that want increases and savings in their profits. They are not difficult to use, and payment drafts and accompanying documents should not be a problem to navigate.

Customer support

If you have any problems with your checks, you can contact the Checks Superstore customer service via email, fax, or a free phone number from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 9 pm (CT). You can also fill out an online form or try the online chat window. The company estimates the average response time as 24 hours on weekdays.

Final thoughts:

If you want to buy affordable and secure business checks, you should consider the Checks Superstore. The company has very reasonable prices and rich security features that are standard in all controls. Although customization features and payment options are more comprehensive, you can order affordable and professional business checks for your company, regardless of your budget.