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Caseable Review 2021

If you think you cant find the right phone case to suit your style, you may have thought of designing your design. But how easy is it to create a phone case on your own?

Its super easy! Read on about an excellent website that can help you buy the custom phone case of your dreams.

Caseable case is an international e-commerce company specializing in custom design cases and cover design for electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, e-readers, and tablets.


The company headquartered is in Lauterbach (Germany) and has offices in Brooklyn and Berlin; it expanded from the USA and Germany to Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, and Russia. As of November 2013, the company has around 50 employees worldwide.

Caseable was founded in March 2010 in New York by Klaus Wegener and Marvin Amberg, who know each other from the university time and find the need for it.

So what they offer besides design and style?

Well, as we say it better safe than sorry, I dont know about you, but I never take my phone anywhere without proper cover.

I once had no cases for one week after buying my Samsung Galaxy s10 plus, and in these days, my kids broke the screen.

The cases not only allow us to protect the financial investment we put on our phones, but also allow us to personalize the items we keep with us every day.

So for this review, we purchase 4 cases, two volumes, and two pouches.

And what we find out, we will be discussing in this review, so lets get started.

  First of all, they have a very cool website with great features, on your purchase you can use Caseable coupon code, Caseable voucher, and Caseable promo code.

Pretty much like any e-commerce shopping store, so we visit their website and order the desired case.

As we know, the primary purpose of the cases is protector, so we start with its protector. Both of the shell cases we were given with leave the top and bottom of the device opened, awkward if you are rough on your devices like my kids.

There is also space (very accurately cutout) for side buttons that leave enough space for proper functionality.

They have introduced a piece of material on the inside of the case, which we can only guess to stop slipping off the device while in the case.

The only genuine problem we have with the shell cases is that the case does not have a very tight fit like it should be.

One of the cases we received is meant for my Samsung Galaxy S20 and, but there is some overlap when fixed on the device.

Caseable also sent two of their pouch style cases to check on. These cases feel like they are made of quality materials.

It has excellent sewing work and good quality elasticity on the sides. The real selling feature for these cases is that they have a pull tab that lets you easily remove your phone from the case.

This feature works excellent unless your device has rubber material. My biggest complaint about cases is, it now using the bag covers material. Seriously though, I think Caseable will have a hard time marketing this case. And one thing who uses pouch cases any more, but I dont feel my money wasted as a Caseable voucher helps me to cut down the price.

Martial they use for cases and how to design:

The phone cases are made of PET plastic from recycled bottles, and the whole production is made from hydroelectric power produced by Caseable.

Each of its products has the potential to be the way you want it, from some designers to future designers to a picture collage you upload yourself. After taking a look at the design tools, I can say that the possibilities are endless, depending on how you choose to design and manipulate your images.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • When will my Caseable credit card be charged?
With Klarna, you can pay comfortably and securely. You have the following options: Visa Card & MasterCard.
  • How do I know my online payment is safe?
Caseable knows you are concerned about protecting your personal information online. So Caseable has taken extra precautions to keep the information you have shared with them confidential their website. Caseable uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology developed by VeriSign to process all your payment information securely.
  • Are taxes valid?
In the United States, payable fees only charge sales tax in the states of New York and Texas. All other states and countries are tax exempt.
  • What is the procedure to return a product from my order?
Caseable wants every customer to love their reliable products. Every case, a team checks Caseable produce before it is sent to you. If there is no apparent problem with the case, Caseable does not give refund or replacement is not possible, as the product is specially produced for you.

If the case is broken, print quality is too low, or if the case is the wrong size, you can send it back to them. Then Caseable can give you a replacement or gift card. Please email the Caseable Customer Service Team and provide images and a brief description of the problem.

Caseable is not responsible for any Caseable return shipping charges or if your package is lost on the way by the shipping provider of your choice. For this reason, Caseable recommends that you should use Caseable track my order to monitor and insure your package. In the return form, please indicate whether you would prefer a replacement safe or a gift card. Please note that shipping charges are not refundable. Caseable contact number and Caseable customer service number is mentioned on their website.


Caseable provides excellent device protection. I think that the application of hardcover cases can be a little cleansing, and the bags will be a difficult sale to everyone I know. The ability to fully customize the design is what sets them apart from other case companies.

If you want to buy one, go to and start customizing right away.


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