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If you love taking care of your feet, what else you would seek for if you have the products of barefoot scientist.

Barefoot Scientists says that hydrated skin is the happy skin. Do you agree?

The business claims to pamper your feet and make it a regular part of your life, irrespective of which social class you belong. Our feet deserves love whether you are a stay at home mom, or a lawyer, doctor, teacher or head of any corporate sector, you need to pamper yourself on and off.

History of Barefoot scientist

The barefoot scientist was started by Dana and she is also the Co-President. Before its launch in the market, Dana already won an award for an innovative product named barefoot scientist PreHeels plus blister prevention spray. The lady invented this healing spray, when she suffered badly from blisters, while working for longer hours on the red carpets in the film industry of Hollywood. She was a team member of Clevver Media. The healing spray became a sensational product and led to the collection of premium foot care products.

Dana looks in to the development of the company’s foot care products .This young sensational lady aims to inspire people to take care of their feet, just the way they care for their face, hair and body.

Dana says;” “I’m really proud of the smart, effective formulations that we created for the entire line and I can’t wait for more people to introduce foot care into their everyday routine. Foot care is self-care. Treat your feet. They literally take you everywhere you need to go in life, so they definitely deserve it!”

Mission of Barefoot scientist

The company believes that life is much beautiful and every person has the right to enjoy it to the fullest while taking care of his internal and external beauty. Life becomes more beautiful when the feet feel the love. It says that your feet deserve the same kind of tender, loving care as the rest of your body.

  Barefoot Scientists aim to provide the best products to help nourish your feet freshen your step, help you get rid of feet pain, beautify your nails and save your soles.


What Barefoot Scientist promises its users?

The foot care company promises that your feet are not neglected. This is why it announces products that are simple and easy to use too with simple directions. The products on the company portfolio are easy to carry also. Keep your barefoot scientist twinkle toe spray in your bag, and ready to go.

Products of Barefoot Scientist

The company spent years researching all the extra needs of the foot, incorporated the most advanced level of science, and ultra-careful hand-selecting each and every ingredient from around the different regions of globe, to create the best products to pamper your feet. From heel to toe, and everything in between.

Some most demanded products of the company

  • Barefoot scientist Twinkle Toes is what you need to most.
  • High dive
  • Pre Heels Plus
  • Sleep On It
  • Smooth Operator
  • So Fresh So Clean
  • Nailed It
  • Peel and Reveal
  • Pamper Me
  • Pedi Ready
  • Summer-ize


The products of barefoot scientist are easily available at the company outlets throughout USA. However, you can also purchase online.



Barefoot scientist reviews says that, your feet definitely needs the products if you have,

Dry skin- if the skin is not nourished on time with proper moisturizers, the skin becomes dry and gets damaged.

Blisters and burns-

Dirt and sweat, the micro-ridged skin acts like a sponge, it absorbs almost everything. It collects dirt, sweat, oil, bacteria and fungus from every surface you walk on or touch.

Cracks and dry layers-

The climate; either Hot, cold or even dry weather can each dry out your foot’s extra-thick skin, that results in painful cracks and dead layers. The dead layers also look bad, when you wear an open shoe or a sandal.

Odor n infections-

More than a billion of bacteria and 100 types of fungus can latch onto your feet each day, leading to odor and infection.

Aches and pain-


Shoes especially the newer ones often rub back and forth on your skin more than 5000 times in a single day. It causes causing not only pain but blisters too. This is very uncomfortable yet painful if not treated on time.


Unhealthy nails-

  The Downward angles and limited spaces squeeze your toes and feet fingers into 50% less space, leading to damaged nails and calluses.

  This is when your movement becomes harder.


How to get coupons of Barefoot Scientist

You can get the latest barefoot Scientist Voucher codes, barefoot Scientist promo codes, barefoot Scientist discount codes, barefoot Scientist discount vouchers, and barefoot Scientist coupon codes. All you have to do is, click on Get Code & Get Deal button by giving a visit at checkout page. If a barefoot scientist coupon is not functional, then try other barefoot scientist coupon list given on the site. The barefoot scientists also giveaways 10 percent discount to its first time users.

Our verdict

The beauty of feet is as important as other parts of the body like face or hair. A foot also needs to be pampered no matter if you are a stay at home mom or a college or an office going lady.

  If you are worried about the care of your feet, you can blindly count on the barefoot scientist PreHeels and barefoot scientist twinkle toes. The products are made after a thorough research and easy to use. Moreover you can easily carry it along with you to your office.

  For first time users, the company is giving away 10 percent discounts while you can also avail the barefoot scientist coupons from its website.

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