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The Atmos Rx is a dry herb vaporizer or a wax that is built for power. It has a coil-shaped heating substance with a tank-style body and a single operation button that makes it easy to use. The brief we can say about it is that it is a decent quality vape pen with some price. And to avail discount on this price, use Atmos Rx coupons available on this site.

Atmos Rx has been known to the world for many years, but it’s come to the vape game now. It is still holding a high position in the market for the quick and easy to go vaporizer if you are looking something like that. It is 5.5inches long and 0.5 inches wide unit measuring pen.

For dry herb vaporizing, you need to place a small honeycomb screen at the bottom of the section to keep the weed off the heating substance. Even with a simple glass screen, it combusts your weed a little.

The glass screen does not stay at its position and will fell out if you turn over the pen to dump out the used material. So if you are not paying attention to it, you will lose it. And if you are dealing with dry herb, take it with less material. For dry herbs, it’s more of an electric pipe than a vaporizer. So if you’re cool with burning a little herb, it should be excellent for you. When we talk about the wax of Atmos Rx, it will get the highest grades. And at the current price ($69.00 on Vape World), it’s a steal if you’re mostly vaping concentrates.

Key Features of Atmos Rx

  • It works for both i.e., dry herbs and concentrates but with wax
  • Its single button makes it easy to use.
  • A chamber or the section becomes hot immediately to the temperature ranging from 380-400 F.
  • Ceramic chamber bowl has a hot wall
  • Its battery timing lasts 19 to 20 minutes
  • Discreet and comfortable to conceal

Atmos Kit comprises of:

  • Atmos Rx
  • Mouthpiece
  • Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Loading Tool
  • User Manual
  • Heating Chamber
  • Chamber Connector
  • Wall Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush Tool
  • Cleaning Glass Screen

Atmos Rx Design:

Atmos Rx has a simple design with one button you can start using it right after taking it out of the box. It is a weightless tool and makes you feel good when in hand. It has a scratch-resistant exterior, so you need not worry about the scratches on the button or the body of the pen. The ceramic chamber is small in size. You can only fit 0.1 to 0.2 grams of herb. It makes it hard to take the Atmos Rx on a long trip because you need to reload it so often.

But if you are a single user, so it is fine to be taken for personal use.

One of the design flaw is the heating coil. Many people break it while cleaning with brushes or tools so hard. The best way to clean the coil is by taking the filament out of the pen. And then fix it again. When you’re vaping wax, use clean concentrates that don’t leave a residue, and you shouldn’t have to clean the coil so you’ll be fine there too.

One of the benefits of it is that you can vape dry herbs and concentrates without switching the chambers, which makes it more convenient.


Battery Type & Quality

  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion 650mAh
  • Charge Duration:  1.5-2 hours
  • Replaceable: No
  • Charge time: 1 hour

How to use the Atmos Rx vaporizer

Atmos Rx is very easy to use since it has only one button, which makes it very convenient for anyone to use.
  1. Grind the weed very finely
  2. For dry herbs unscrew the chamber
  3. Load the glass screen
  4. Load the material to the top and pack it down gently.
  5. Press the front button five times to turn the unit on. It will take a maximum of 3 seconds to heat up.

Cleaning the Atmos Rx

Cleaning the Atmos Rx is very easy if you follow the simple guidelines.

If you are vaping dry herb, don’t use a brush or pick to clean it. Otherwise, it will damage the heating coil. When you complete vaping, the material turns the Atmos Rx upside down to empty the chamber.

While using wax, you want to stick to the clean blends that do not leave residue behind. Atmos Rx claims that the chamber will last 4 to 5weeks if you use it on a medium scale. After then it needs to be replaced, which makes it a little more expensive, so here will give you the Atmos Rx voucher or promo code with which you can avail discount on their prices.

Vapor Quality and Experience

Atmos Rx has decent quality vapors, but you can maximize its quality by extending your draws by 8 to 9 seconds each.

For the first few seconds, the heating coil is vaping the temperature. So extending the time, you are maximizing the drawing quantity with each hit.

Further, drawing slow (rather than pulling hard) makes a significant difference in your experience as well. By taking out slowly, the coil stays hot and continues vaping for the duration of the pull.

When pulling hard and fast, I noticed that the vape was weak and thin because I was moving too much air over the coil and cooling it down. This caused the unit to hit vaping temperatures and made the vapor weak barely.

Atmos Rx Advantages:

  • Super long battery life so you don’t have to stress
  • Fast heat-up time and vapor production, so you’re not waiting around
  • You can vape herb and wax without having to switch chambers
  • Small and discreet design lets you vape on the low
  • Very simple to use – press the on button and start vaping
  • Good option and price for beginners
  • The ceramic bowl holds temperatures better

Atmos Rx Disadvantages:

  • Atomizers have to be replaced, and they’re expensive
  • The heating coil has a reputation for being fragile
  • Combusts dry herb if you don’t use the glass screen


I’m not a big fan of the Atmos Rx for dry herb, but it does work well for a quick and easy wax pen that you’ll be happy with.

The battery life is excellent, so it’s easy to grab and go without stressing if it’s going to die. The wax vapor is decent, so if you’re primarily vaping concentrates, it’s a good option.

For dry herb, it’s more like an electric pipe, so you’re smoking weed without the blunt wrap. It’s also discreet and small, so you can pull it out on the down-low without drawing attention.

Overall, it’s a decent vape pen for beginners who want something small, easy, and inexpensive. That being said, I would probably spend the few extra bucks for the G Pro ($89.99 here). The main reason is that the Atmos Rx has atomizers that have to be replaced almost monthly, which costs you around $15 bucks each. After a year, you’ll have spent $180 on heating chambers alone (not including the original vape pen), And if you have $250 bucks, you should get the Mighty or Pax for a much better experience.

Also, use Atmos Rx coupons or Atmos Rx promo codes available on this site to avail discount in price.