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Apex foot wear Ltd is the first name that comes to the mind, when we think of footwear with style and maximum comfort. The main idea of Apex Foot footwear Limited is to give you relief from foot pan to walk with ease and enjoy the life to fullest.

The Apex Story

In 1946 two brothers named Paul and Charles Schwartz joined together founded Apex in the backroom of a shoe store in Manhattan, where they manufactured leather and stainless-steel arch supports, components for shoe repair as well as certain shoe-related raw materials. Till 1946, the main theme of Apex foot wear company was to manufactured shoes to give protection to the feet, but with years, the idea shifted from not only protection to style too. The Apex thrives on style.


The back store shoe business was then shifted to the Pauls son, Richard Schwartz, who expanded the line to include therapeutic shoes. That was an interesting point for the company. Reason is that the business now focused on manufacturing of shoes that were also ideal for people with serious foot conditions like those typically associated with diabetes and arthritis, but for anyone with feet. Later the business introduced first pain relief shoe in 1971. On the 50th anniversary, the model 1201 for the Apex footwear was the highly acknowledged footwear. For many reason sit was considerd as the best healing shoe. The manufacturing material of the shoe was specifically designed to give relief from a variety of injuries and other foot conditions.


In 1999, Apex manufactured and launched its first athletic shoe. With the X521, the business was well on its path to revolutionizing the medical shoe industry. The new century introduced tremendous awareness and appreciation for health as lifestyle. The costs of health care or injuries and medical insurances costs too high, which helped the business to take advantage and introduce it pain relief foot wear which were also recommended for other health benefits.

2014-2015 and 2016

In 2014, the thinking that healthy shoes are worn by doctors or patients only, changed. Anyone can wear comfort giving shoes to prevent future injuries. In 201, the business introduced the High-octane style shoe which was best in the category of health and fitness. The business in 2016 launched the Apex FitLite Collection leverages 70 years of shoemaking expertise, layers on innovative, state-of-the-art materials & manufacturing and closes the loop with stunning design.


In 2017 Apex introduced plethora of new styles including the super-comfortable Mens Athletic Bungee, Mens and Womens Sierra Trail Runners, the Ariya Hiking Boot and the Womens Sydney Boat Shoe. 2018 added so much to the fame of the Apex footwear. It released Hudson Chukka Boot and several new Womens styles designed and manufactured for Health and Wellness.    

The Apex Footwear Promise:

The brand promises maximum comfort, contemporary style and relief from foot pain. Apex has shoes for both men and women and is fully designed to give relief from;

Mortons Neuroma and Neuropathy

Mortons Neuroma is a common foot problem that comes with pain, swelling or inflammation of a nerve, usually at the ball-of-the-foot between the 3rd and 4th toes. What you should do in this condition is to choose the right foot wear. Footwear with a high and wide toe box (toe area) is highly recommended for treating and relieving the pain.

Reports say that 16 million of people in America are patients of diabetes, and 25% face foot problems because of the disease. This is mainly due to a condition called neuropathy. Diabetic Neuropathy is a side effect of diabetes that damages the nerves. All the shoes designed for Neuropathy by Apex comes with a wider toe room and removable insoles, two must-have features for those with neuropathic feet.

Plantar Fasciitis- Diabetic Foot- Bunions

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot problem which comes with inflammation and extreme pain in the heel. Apex therapeutic footwear are best for relieving the pain associated with plantar fasciitis, but the business also not compromise on its style. Diabetes comes with many complications for a patient.

Diabetes destroys the vascular system, damaging areas of the human body such as the eyes, kidneys, legs, and feet. People with diabetes should pay special attention to their feet and should be careful while picking a shoe. Bunions is a fore foot problem and the footwear recommended for this purpose are designed with wider toe room. Apex Foot Wear Ltd manufactures high-quality design elements to avoid irritating sensitive skin.

Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common condition in which weight bearing on the heel causes extreme discomfort. The business designed footwear for health and fitness provides relief from heel pain, as it has been made with innovative materials and shoe design. The foot wear are designed to give maximum protection from shocks and also releases pain. In addition, these are designed to control pronation and prevent stretching and inflammation of foot muscles to reduce pain

Modes of payment

It is now easy to buy your favorite foot wear from the Apex Foot Wear Ltd. It gives you many alternatives for payments. Visa card, Master Card, AMEX, or Discover. Apex promises its valuable customers to protect their privacy and account details

Coupons for Apex Foot

The Apex foot cares about its customers and gives value to them either it is in terms of pain relief to the feet or in the shape of Apex Foot Coupons or Apex Foot promo codes or exclusive money saving discounts. The Apex foot coupon also gives a 2 per cent OFF on the Boots and announces seasonal sales throughout the year.  

Contact information

You can contact the business for any purpose in the given number and schedule; Telephone contact-(800) 252-2739 Live Customer Service Hours of Operation Monday–Friday, 8:30AM–5:30PM ET  

Final Thoughts

Today foot wear is not only limited to protect the feet. Along come the style or Health and fitness. People in the market say that a comfortable pair of shoe with medical benefits is not only for doctors or patients, but anyone can wear it anywhere. Apex promises to give maximum comfort to the feet with latest styles and fashion.  

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