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Airocide is a home air purifier. We developed a core technology from NASA. Further, we earned a dedicated following from last five years. We prepared a award winning device for air purification. Moreover, this product is known among allergy-sufferers, pet lovers with odor problems, chemically sensitive individuals. People like this product, who are generally concerned with health, wellness and want clear air. Furthermore, we provide quality products on affordable prices to keep people healthy on low price. To get extra saving, use the Airocide coupons, promo codes and Airocide coupon codes.

In addition, we guaranteed to feel you better with use of our revolutionary Airocide air purifier. You will feel better with breathe easier and wake up refreshed. We built on special technology with NASA unlike traditional air filters. Our purifier provides relief from airborne allergens, mold, and chemical sensitivity triggers. And also helps to protect to newborn and children from harmful airborne toxins, pet dander, and odors.

We offer our air Purifier on our website. Further we offer benefits with products like annual replaceable bulbs and wall mount accessories. Enjoy the
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Airocide Coupon Codes


AiroCide Air Purifiers Review 2020

This technology originated from NASA trying to find a photocatalyst for gas pollutant removal in the space program. Combined with a UV light, this technology can separate pollutants from any air into harmless carbon dioxide or water molecules, through cleaning your air.

Airocide air purifier, have many products, among those who don’t use filters. Preferably, it uses an innovative technology called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO).

According to a study by scientists from the University of Colorado, the effectiveness of photocatalytic oxidation upon harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) is approximately 100%. Thanks to its safety-catch, PCO is approved for use in wine production or meat processing plants.

But while PCO is especially useful toward VOCs, it’s almost useless against dust or dust mites in your room. As some commentators suggest, its performance for larger airborne particles, such as pollen and animal dandruff, is very limited – too large to be broken down. If you are allergic to this type of pollutant, it is better to try a high CADR HEPA filter clarifier.

History Of AiroCide :

Airocide is NASA air purifier. NASA technology removed harmful VOCs from the International Space Station and Columbia service. It made the air safe for NASA astronauts and the food they needed. It doesn’t matter how hard the environment is. You can have a space station, operating room, wine cave or bedroom. Airocide works.

Which seem very delight, but is it worth trying to spend your money on such a gadget made by NASA. Well, they aren’t that much expensive as they provide Airocide coupon code, AiroCide discount code, AiroCide discount vouchers and AiroCide promo code.

We will review Airocide popular product and will give our honest thoughts also, so keep reading.

Airocide APS200

Airocide air purifier offers a different design than others with an unequal performance level with the best in the industry. This air cleaner does not use filters, but preferably includes two catalytic converters that help break down and destroy harmful particles upon contact.

According to some expert Airocide air purifier reviews, the best thing about it is that it doesn’t have a filter or blade-like ordinary air purifiers. It does not need to be cleaned daily, and it also saves you money in renewing the filters. And you don’t need an AiroCide replacement filter as a spare.

This is an excellent advantage for many people because a filter is almost a contaminant when it is not cleaned or replaced over time. There are much lower maintenance costs for the UV lamp. So we suggested replacing the UV bulb annually, even if it appears to work well.

Another benefit of this Airocide is its energy-saving nature and also get Airocide air purifier coupon codes and Airocide air purifier promo code, Airocide air purifier discount code !

Although there are other air purifiers using PCO technology, they are not as expertly designed as Airocide. To speed up the “burning” of airborne pollutants, most photocatalytic clarifiers use a catalyst called titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is used as a thin film to a glass substance.

Not so environmental friendly so as we knew NASA designs it, we can only expect best.

It allows electrons to move spontaneously when hit by UV light. By covering the UV source in a cuvette, Airocide maximizes the efficiency of TiO2, thereby capturing more motivating energy inside compared to a flat collector used by all other manufacturers.

You will see more Airocide air purifier critiques from customers by visiting the Airocide APS-200 page.

Well, it’s designed makes it very unique:

The design of the Airocide air cleaner is one of the most unique we have seen so far. Unlike most air purification systems, Airocide is an average-sized unit without filters.

When you first look at Airocide, it doesn’t surely look like an air purifier. The front panel resembles more like a high-end audio speaker.

Nearby inside of the Airocide is the control panel, which consists of three buttons auto mode, low fan, high fan.

This unit can be placed on your wall, but Airocide does not hold the necessary hardware to do this. If you do not install it on your wall, AiroCide overall aesthetics is stylish suitable to be placed in many areas around your home, regardless of your location.

In terms of operating system size and dimensions, Airocide is a slightly smaller unit. Comparably speaking, most other air purifiers are not thin, more rectangular, but more cylindrical or built in a square.

Airocide does not contain additional parts or accessories.Still, they offer accessories that can be bought independently, for example:
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Airocide reaction chamber replacement kit for aps-200
  • Decorative case

Things to consider before buying Airocide Air Purifier:

Even though it claims, it works uniquely when it comes to molecular size, and it cannot destroy microscopic pollutants, dust, or dust mites. Still, larger contaminants such as dust and pollen cannot be removed as they are too large. You should use other methods to deal with them.

The same applies to dust mites. When you pour a glass of powder mite into the purifier, they will die, that’s unquestionable. But, this does not imply that it is suitable for people experiencing from dust mite allergies.

The reason is simple – dust mites cannot fly. Instead, they attach themselves to your bed. Your photocatalyst cannot reach these tiny, spider-like insects rather than killing them.

The good news is that you have an effortless way to deal with dust mite problems. The trick is to buy select mattresses and wash them with hot water at least twice a week. It looks simple, but it works.

The Final Word

Based on the results of our tests, I am confident that the Airocide APS200 will increase the air quality in most cases. It seems to be the best for improving horrible air quality situations and taking them to an unhealthy level.

We know that Airocide is an excellent air purifier only for people with mildew allergies, and you can also use it to remove odors in small and humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms.

However, it is not suitable as the only air purifier in your home since it is useless against dust. A high CADR HEPA air purifier and Airocide combination are ideal. The first clean larger particles, and the second process those of molecular size.