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What is syphilis?

What is syphilis?

Syphilis is a contagious bacterial infection by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. Syphilis can be experienced by vaginal, oral and anal sex. Syphilis occurs is stages. According to an estimated report more than 55,500 new syphilis cases registered annually. This figure is published by CDC – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nearly 13,000 are of primary and rest cases are of secondary syphilis type. In earlier stages, Syphilis is curable. If the Syphilis infection remains untreated, than it irreversible complications can appear. Sometimes People not aware from syphilis infection, because some of Syphilis symptoms are identical with some other diseases. That’s why syphilis is also named as “the great imitator.”

Symptoms and Signs of syphilis

Syphilis is transmitted sexually, through unprotected sex. Primary syphilis aymptoms most frequently appear on the genital parts, but can also appear on the mouth, lips, fingers, tonsils, tongue, anus, breasts and breast nipples. Mostly syphilis symptoms go unnoticed or can be misdiagnosed for many years. Syphilis infection divided into three stages according to the infection severity like as: Primary, secondary and late. If left untreated, syphilis becomes more dangerous or deadly.

How syphilis is transmitted

The most commonly way syphilis transmitted through sexual contact with an infected person. Syphilis is transmitted sexually, through direct contact with a syphilis sore, rash, or mucous membrane during unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sex. This normally happens during sexual intercourse syphilis sores occur on the external genitals, anus, vagina, or in the rectum. Syphilis infection is typically transmitted through oral, vaginal and anal sex. These sores may also occur on the lips and in the mouth. As well as, pregnant women can transmit the syphilis infection to her future kids.

Syphilis testing

There is only way to make it sure, are you have syphilis or not, is to get tested or Syphilis test. Mostly doctors ask forthe “Rapid Plasma Reagin “ RPR with Reflex to Quantitative RPR test. This is a simple blood test to find out the antibodies to combat syphilis. Another TP (Treponema pallidum) test will be required to finalize the initial diagnosis. Doctors can recommend syphilis testing to anyone seeing the primary symptoms of syphilis infection. In addition, pregnant women need extra care and should get tested during pregnancy and at delivery. Syphilis infection can be more dangerous for new infant and can cause of early death. has more than 4,000 STD testing centers all over the United States . provides the complete list best saving STD check coupon, or STD check syphilis coupons.

Effects of untreated syphilis

The negative effects of syphilis infection on body can be severe, if it remained untreated. Syphilis can damage to the nerves, brain, heart, eyes, liver, blood vessels, bones and joints. As well as, syphilis sores is 2 to 5 times more probability to acquire HIV. Pregnant women can face miscarry or transmit the syphilis infection to their babies.

How to Prevent syphilis

The only way to prevent spreading syphilis is self-restraint. Careful sexual relationship is the most important factor. Else options, having safer sex with regular use of latex or polyurethane condoms, which support to avoid contracting syphilis. Condoms reduces the risk for contracting syphilis through experiencing sex with men. Unfortunately, condom doesn’t eliminate the risk of spreading the infection from sores on body which doesn’t cover with condom. We can also adopt the option in reference of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) testing of your new sex partner before involving in sexual relationship to keep avoids syphilis.

Syphilis Treatment

Syphilis can be easily cured and treated in early stages with antibiotics. A single dose of penicillin will be effective in early stages of syphilis. This treatment will kill the Treponema pallidum bacterium and stop it for further damage. But this treatment can’t recover the damage that has already been done. That’s why it is recommended to treat the syphilis as early possible in early stages. So during the treatment process, abstain from sexual activity until the syphilis sores are completely cured and completion of treatment. It is better option that partners should get syphilis treatment for more safer side and to prevent re-infection. Doctors recommend for regular STD tests to keep updated about your health. And if any symptoms found, treatment can be done immediately. Get reliable and cheap STD test from STDcheck and save your money with use of STDcheck coupon.

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