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Is living DNA a trusted platform?

If you are curious to know about your family roots and expand your family tree, then living DNA is one of the famous platforms that offer genealogical DNA testing. It is a great platform to search your family tree with some vital clues about where your ancestors came from. Living DNA is also a great way to know how your ancestors travel through time, and even to know your far family members who are alive today.

Introduction to the living DNA

LivingDNA is a UK-based company for testing genetics and providing data about fitness and health. This data is tailor-made for each user depending upon their genetic information. Living DNA provides its services for the UK and offers ancestry reporting across several other regions of the world.

Living DNA also conducts research based on users’ genetic data once you register or user sign-up for online surveys to contribute to this research.

DNA testing by Living DNA

Living DNA usually offers three different types of DNA testing that can be used for genealogy. All these three tests are bundled in a single test.

Autosomal DNA makes up most of the DNA in every cell of our body. This comes from our parents, and they got their DNA from their parents and so on. But this type of data allows you to get information about your recent ancestry, but once you pass to the eighth generation, the data becomes unsatisfied.

Mitochondrial DNA is also made up of much smaller strands of DNA that help to support cells. This is passed from mother to the children and changes very little in each generation. It means that your mitochondrial DNA can tell you about your direct maternal line. It helps to track the data even more than a hundred generations.

YDNA is present on the 23rd chromosome that contains a little piece of DNA. It is present on Y chromosomes which are only found in males and transferred from father to son only. So this test lets you trace back your direct parental line from many generations.

How to use living DNA?

Living DNA offers its autosomal kit all over the world so the customers can order it online. They use the cheek swabs and shipped to the company back for the testing procedure. These samples are then tested to produce your raw data set and test results. It generally requires 6-8 weeks but can be sometimes prolonged to take up to 12 weeks. Living DNA will send their customer an email about the result. Customers also track their kit and view their results online by using their log-in id.

Living DNA pricing with discount options

The price of the kits ranges from $99 to $179. In case you want to ship, then the charges are accordingly. In the US, it ranges from $49 to $99. Living DNA also offers Living DNA coupons and promo codes and discount packages, so their customers get benefits. You can find these on many coupon sites and also on

Data access

from the LivingDNA result portal, You can download your results. If you want to know about your full ancestry, then you have to buy the full kit.

Privacy policy of LivingDNA

People usually have concerns about their privacy and wanted to know; is living DNA a trusted platform? Living DNA commits to secure the customer’s data. The company, when collecting data, makes it anonymous before sending it to the lab for further procedures. The company guarantees your policy and doesn’t sell your personal data to a third party. You have complete ownership right over your data.

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