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How to Transfer a domain by NameCheap coupon

Whether you are planning to purchase a secure hosting solution, domain name registration, or want to buy an SSL certificate for web security…Namecheap is the perfect platform for you. Namecheap is designed to provide internet services affordable and accessible for the average user. Namecheap also offers coupons and promo codes to support users to build their online business with a trusted platform with extraordinary support. If you are looking at how to transfer a domain by NameCheap coupon, then you land at the right place. Read on to learn;

How to transfer

When you transfer domain registration from one Registrar to another, you have to take certain specific steps to prepare your domain. The transfer domain name is accessible, below are instructions on how to do it. Please note that ccTLD requirements may vary.

If your domain is unlocked and you have everything you need to start the process, then log into your account. However, if you need further instruction on the transfer process, please continue to read;

Steps for transferring your domain to Namecheap

Step-1:verify that the domain name is eligible for Transfer

To ensure your domain name is eligible for Transfer, sign in to your current registration account and check

  • The domain name’s initial Registration was at least 60-days ago, and the domain has been with your current Registration for at least 60-days.

Per ICANN’s Policy on Transfer of Registrars between Registrars, domains that are under 60 days old or were moved between Registrars inside the most recent 60 days can’t be moved. Kindly wait at any rate 60 days before moving.

  • The space name isn’t held with your present Registrar.

Step-2: prepare your domain for Transfer

  • Open your domain – eliminate the Registrar lock you may have set for added security;
  • Get the Auth/EPP code from the current Registrar:

Auth/EPP codes are needed for all .com, .net, .organization, .us, .business, .information, .me, .co, .io, .ca, .television, .in, .mobi, .cc, .pe,,,, .tech, .top, .party, .credit, .confidence and other new gTLD spaces. In the event that you can’t demand an EPP code in account with your Registrar, reach them and request to give it to you.

step-3:Submit your Transfer through your Namecheap account

  • When you logged in, choose Domains from the top menu and select Transfer
  • Now add your domain name and press “Transfer.”
  • On the next page, verify whether the domain is fully ready for Transfer and enter the Auth code in the respective field.
  • Snap the dark ‘Add to Cart button, at that point click the red,’ View Cart’ catch to one side of the page;
  • if you have a coupon code, enter it in the ‘Promotion Code’ field, at that point; atck ‘Apply’;
  • click confirm Order’ and continue with the checkout.

After request submission, the Transfer gets started at the Registry, and the area procures ‘pending transfer status. Moves that have arrived at this stage are consequently affirmed within five days. At last, it might require extra 24-48 hours for the Registry to finish the exchange.

You can find the spaces that you’re moving to us in your record. Go to Domain List; at that point, select Filters – > Pending Transfer.

Avoid payment issues for promotions.

If you follow the above steps, your domain name move should be handled within a couple of days. However, if you are getting ready for advancement, we suggest you take a couple of additional minutes to check your installment alternatives.

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