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How good are living DNA results for African ancestry

When you decide to explore your ancestry and genetics, you face many nuances, separating one ancestry DNA testing organization from the next. African Ancestry and Living DNA are both incredible decisions for this task, yet one certainly comes out on top once you recognize your particular needs and assumptions. Although very satisfied and expert, their services contrast in minor yet essential aspects, even though they work very similarly. Our comparison about how good are living DNA results for African ancestry will help you detect those contrasts between African Ancestry and Living DNA, permitting you to find an ideal and entirely personal choice.

living DNA vs. African ancestry

It provides two main products, one for the maternal DNA test and the other for parental DNA test, one for each side of the family. African ancestry test is able to trace back 500-2000 years. On the other hand, living DNA offers a deeper ancestry comparison as compared to African ancestry. It offers four types of kits to analyze ancestry: starter kit, complete ancestry kit, well-being kit, well being, and DNA ancestry kit. It also offers living DNA coupons for their customers who are not able to pay at once or who are looking for deals.

Geographical regions covered

The African ancestry DNA maintains a lineages database consisting of 30 country samples and 400 ethnic groups. This was used as a reference to find people from African countries of origin or ethnic tribes. At the same time, the living DNA offers a product for clients to investigate their mainland ethnic breakdown. These include eight more extensive Oceania, American continents, Africa, Europe, Near East, Central Asia, South Asia, and East Asia. The DNA results tell a client where their ancestors lived. In short, living DNA covers 80 worldwide regions for the ancestral record.

Privacy policy review

African ancestry DNA keeps the customers’ data confidential by assigning specific barcodes. Once the processing is done, the sample is destroyed at the lab. Living DNA also commits to secure the data for this purpose; it makes the user anonymous before sharing data with the lab partner. The company does not sell the personal data of the customer to a third party.

However, in the case of inconclusive results that present African ancestry, then it will be saved for a year for further testing, but this is an option for the individual and can be destroyed upon request.

Average result time

African ancestry DNA results are ready usually in 8-10 weeks after the sample reception. Customers receive a certification of ancestry, migration map, and general explanation of DNA results. It also offers a digital copy of the guide to African history and cultures. African ancestry DNA results are only mailed to the customers in the resulting package. There are no online results available. While on the other side, Living DNA offers results in 6-8 weeks, but in some cases, this duration prolongs to 12 weeks. Living DNA offers an email once the results are ready. Customers are also able to track their kit and view online results using their Living DNA login.

Final thoughts

Living DNA gives the broadest geographical coverage of matching ancestry and nationality, with the English Isles addressed with 21 districts. Raw DNA results are also offered for potentially matching with various data sets and ancestry research sites.

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