10 Irritating Behaviors that Will Ruin Your Career

10 Irritating Behaviors that Will Ruin Your Career

Education, skill, experience and talent is important. But since no one does anything worthwhile on their own, treating other people with courtesy and respect is a key ingredient in long-term professional success. Here's how some professionals get that really wrong:

1. Unwillingly wasting others’ time.

When you’re late to an appointment or meeting, what you’re really saying is that your time is more important. When you wait until the grocery clerk finishes ringing you up to search for your debit card, you’re really saying you can’t care less if others have to wait. Small, irritating things, but basically no big deal. People who don't notice the small ways they inconvenience others tend to be oblivious when they do it in major ways. How you treat people when it doesn't really matter – especially when you're a leader -- says a lot about you. Behave as if the people around you have more urgent needs than yours and you will never go wrong… and you will definitely be liked.

2. Asking for way too much.

A guy you don't know asking for a big favor, a time-consuming favor. You politely decline. He asks again. You decline again softly. Then he brings out the need card, it's really important to him. You have to do it. In fact, he is really needy and maybe we do it. But our needs are our problems. The world doesn't owe us anything. We aren't entitled to advice or mentoring or success. The only thing we’re entitled to is what we earn. People tend to help people who first help themselves. And people definitely befriend people who look out for other people first, because we all want more of those people in our lives.

3. Ignoring people in genuine need.

We find around ourselves, Some people aren't in a position to help themselves. They need a helping hand, a little money, some decent food, or a warm coat. I do strongly believe good things always come back to us in the form of good feelings about our-selfAnd that's strong reasoning to help other people who find themselves on the downside of advantage. We always keep our eyes open to find such opportunities to help others to get back good feelings and prayers.

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