World Top Data Centers


World Top Data Centers


What is Data Center :

A data center is a facility used to host computer systems and associated components, such as Processing, Communication and Storage.In general, data centers contains redundant systems like redundant power systems, redundant data communications links, best environmental controls of Cooling systems, fire suppression systems and various security appliances and software. Usually Large data centers operations needs much electricity as equal to a small town. Here information is shared about World Top Data Centers or Top 3 data centers.

A data center or Datacenter is a centralized repository for the storage of data, information. It’s management and dissemination of data and information organized for a particular organization or particular business. 

Find here detail and comparison of World Top 3 data centers.

World Top Data Centers




Range International Information 

Langfang, China

Switch SuperNAP

Nevada, USA.

DuPont Fabros Technology,

Virgina, USA.

Area6.2 Million sq.ft.3.5 Million sq.ft.1.6 Million sq.ft.
Physical server machinesMillions10.5 Thousands
Racks installed800 Sets6000 Racks28 Computer Rooms
Power consumption (MW)150 Mega Watt65 Mega Watt41.6 Mega Watt
Cooling82000 Tons40000 Tons1400 Tons
Investment ($)1 Billion1 Billion660 Millions


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